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  • Please put out flyers in the area where you found the dog, if you haven't already.

  • Take the dog to a veterinarian's office, shelter or pet store to have him/her scanned for a microchip.

  • Call your local Animal Control facility and report the dog found. 

  • Take a digital photo of the dog if possible.

  • Go to Petharbor, Craigslist, Bookoo & Facebook and post the dog's information and photo.  You may also want to search those websites to see if anyone has reported the dog missing.

  • NOTE: Please be aware that Craiglist (and other classified sites) are known to have people who pose as the dog's owners in order to obtain a free dog to resell, fight or use for other unethical purposes. Please have any potential owners identify the dog beforehand (via the color of the collar, unusual markings, sex, etc.). Also, please note if you have had no luck in finding the original owners and you are attempting to look for a new home for the dog, people have also been known to pose as loving families, but have no interest in giving the dog a good home. Please never list a dog as 'free to good home'...always ask some sort of adoption fee. A person who truly loves an animal and intends to take care of it properly will not have an issue with paying for it. If you determine they will make a great owner, you can waive the adoption fee or donate the money to a charity.
  • Send us an email with the following information:

    • Your name and telephone numbers

    • A digital photo of the dog

    • Where the dog was found

    • If the dog is wearing a collar or not

    • If you have done the first five bullet points above or not.



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Last updated on Saturday, June 09, 2007

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