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First of all, are you sure you want to give up your Beagle? People give up their dogs for many, many reasons, but often there are better solutions, such as training and education.  Please read the articles and links on the right before you make that decision.

If you're still sure that giving up your Beagle is the only solution, we can offer assistance.  We ask that you continue to keep your dog while we help find a home for your pet.

Although we do take owner-surrenders into foster care, our main focus is on the shelter dogs, who are slated for euthanasia.

Please, do not advertise your pet "free to a good home." This will rarely result in finding an appropriate home for your beagle and might even result in sending the dog off to some very unscrupulous people.  HBHR can help you with pointers on effective screening of potential adopters.

HBHR cannot list a dog as available for adoption unless/until the dog is spayed or neutered. We will gladly arrange for the surgery and will PAY FOR IT if you will take the dog to one of our approved vet clinics! In fact, we are happy to help with the spay/neuter even if you later decide to keep the dog. A dog which has been altered is a healthier and better pet!

If you cannot afford to keep your dog due to health or wefare reasons, we may be able to assist you with that situation as well.

Due to limited foster space, we are usually unable to take in a new dog on just a day's notice. We do not have a shelter facility, but rather we rely on foster homes to care for the dogs until adoption. We appreciate your patience and understanding in holding onto the dog until we can find an appropriate home.

Of course, a donation to our organization is very helpful because we may need to board the dog for a period of time until a foster home is located, plus the dog may require additional vet care before adoption. A donation is not required, however.


BREW's "Giving Up Your Dog" page


"Can We Help You Keep Your Pet" on Wonderpuppy Site.


"How Could You" - An essay written in the eyes of an unwanted dog.  Written by Jim Willis - 2001.  


Statistics on shelter animals
on National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy



For getting your dog accepted into HBHR:

STEP 1:  send digital photos of the dog to info@HoustonBeagleRescue.org along with as much info as possible including the height of the dog (from top of shoulder to floor), age, sex, name, weight, spay/neuter status, characteristics and special needs of the dog, etc. Also please be sure to include your location and contact information.

STEP 2:  Fax or email any vaccine and health records on the dog to our secretary, or ask your vet to do it. Please request the fax number via email to the "info" contact link above.



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Last updated on January 3, 2013