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This page is dedicated to all the Beagles and Hounds that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
Beloved daughter of Ann and Koko, sister of Gertie and Peaches.  Went to the Bridge on August 1, 2004.  Bailey's family generously sponsored Holly in her memory.  Koko is now President of HBHR.

Known to his family as the "Best Dog in the World", went to the Bridge on march 2, 2003 after a battle with cancer.  Zak's family has sponsored several rescue beagles in his memory.

Went to the Bridge in 1997 after a battle with Cancer.  She is sorely missed by her mom Carol, who considers Mandy her favorite dog.  Carol now fosters for her local Humane Society in Mandy's honor.

Her time with us was short, but we will never forget her.  Sassy went to the Bridge on August 5, 2004. 
Always in our hearts.

Snoopy went to the bridge on October 3, 2006.
He is greatly missed by his human family and his best buddy, Belle Beagle.

Angie went to the Bridge on January 9, 2007. She was a joyful bundle of energy and she especially loved playing with her toys, getting lots of hugs, going for long walks, and taking snuggly naps. We miss her so much and we will forever treasure our memories of all the love and happiness she shared with us. See you at the Bridge, sweet girl.

You were our sweet girl. We love you Zoe.

Lisa, Jim and Luke

Roscoe went to the Bridge on January 15, 2008 . Roscoe was the only other male in the house besides his human Dad. Roscoe was Daddy’s “Boy” in a home of 5 females and 1 female Beagle. Roscoe will be truly missed. Roscoe was adopted by the Gordon family in 2003 from the Houston Beagle & Hound Rescue. Roscoe will be missed by his buddy and companion Lady Katherine , a 6 year old Beagle. Roscoe’s soul will forever live in his family’s hearts and in their home. Roscoe was a joy, bundle of energy and he especially loved chewing rawhides, getting lots of hugs, and taking naps. We will miss the times that he sneaks items out of his human Mom’s purse and hides them in the backyard. We would like to also thank those at Houston Beagle & Hound Rescue for rescuing this precious boy and giving us the wonderful and unforgettable memories. Rest in peace and you will be truly missed. We love you Roscoe.

The Gordon Family -  Pearland , Texas

We sure miss you sweet Belle. You will always have a special place in our hearts and memories.

My sweet Sugar, you came to us with almost no hair due to mange. You tolerated the treatments and grew back a beautiful soft coat. Then came the lymphoma that quickly took you over the Rainbow Bridge in December of 2008. The few short months we had together were the best. You followed me everywhere, always by my side, a real trooper through it all. I miss you and hope there is milk for you in heaven.


After 5 wonderful years with Suzy, she has passed on. Her companionship and love over the last five years has been more than I could have ever expected or wanted from a 12 year old rescue. Thank you for allowing her to live

Thank you again, with all my heart, and Suzy's.

Courtney Brunette

Willie went to the bridge on 11/13/08 after losing her battle with cancer. She was our first beagle and was a 13-inch bundle of joyful energy. After 13 years, she never lost her love of life. She insisted on a game of keep away catch and a game of hide the dolly the afternoon before she died. After having Willie in our lives, Rich and I can not imagine life without a beagle or 3 in the house! Our help with foster dogs is our tribute to the memory of our beloved Willie.

Linda Westaway

I adopted Snoopy Mae from HBHR in 2004. I was hesitant to take in an older Beagle, but when her foster mom brought her over, I just instantly fell in love with her! She was the type of dog that did her own thing! Yes, she got into the trash can, yes she used the bathroom in my bathroom without flushing! And yes, she would run off and I'll be yelling her name like a dozen times, but the reason that she would run off is because she wanted to smell a crack in the sidewalk or a weed growing nearby!! And that's how she was!

She was loving, caring and most of all, she always wanted to give me Snoopy kisses when I got home from work! She would not stop until my face was soaked! She loved to travel to my parents, and she always wanted to sleep with my mom because mom had a comfortable couch with a nice, warm blanket and softer pillows!

If Snoopy heard a refrigerator door or a can opener or even a stove turning on, SHE WAS THERE! No matter if she was in a dead sleep, she woke up with a spark, and was in that kitchen, just hoping a crumb would fall down her way! She loved to go walking in the woods, and that's where a friend of mine named her "Nose" because once her nose was on the ground, it was stuck there! She always wanted to be with me, no matter if I was feeling sick, tired or just didn't want to get up from the bed, she was always there, and of course, she would steal most of the covers!

And of course, she loved being outside, but at the same time, she wanted to be inside to get a cool blast of A/C! When it came to lightning & thunder, she was in her hiding place in a heartbeat! (in my closet under several pillows!)

I'm truly blessed that I had Snoopy in my life; she was a fun, caring, loving dog and she will be truly and deeply missed! Snoopy passed away April 20, 2011. She was 13.

When my daughter Michelle came to me and asked if we could drive from Arizona to Texas to get a rescue beagle that she found at a rescue on the internet, I said I would love to, but you have to ask your father. I was shocked that my husband said yes. We must have known there was something special in Texas waiting for us. We knew immediately that Vanna was perfect. We drove her home and when we got there, she seemed to know this would be the perfect place for her. She fit in perfectly with our family. She was extremely quiet at first and then she found her beagle howl. We absolutely loved hearing her howl. Vanna was truly the perfect dog. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. You could actually see her smile when she was happy, which was most of the time. She even won over my father, who was not particularly fond of dogs. He would say she would be the perfect dog if she just didn’t shed. I always said to him that she is the perfect dog, she just happens to shed! We had Vanna for almost 5 wonderful years. She loved her walks, she loved to jump and play, but she especially loved to nap on the couch! In December of 2010, Vanna became ill. Her kidneys stopped working for some reason. The vet said perhaps it was from her life as a laboratory beagle before she was rescued. We had hopes that she would recover but she did not make it and passed away peacefully. We know that there will never be another dog like Vanna. She was our special girl. We love and miss you Miss Vanna Banana. - The Flarity Family

Dear Beagle Rescue Volunteers, we want you to know how much we have loved this dog! You directed us to him almost 14 years ago. He was a bit over a year old at that time. We lost Willie recently to cancer at the ripe old beagle age of 15+. He was a fixture in our home and office that entire time. I cannot imagine a more loved, sweet tempered dog. Thank you for all that you do, just wanted you to see one of your success stories.

The Klene's

I rescued my little Piper from your great organization almost 4 years ago (Feb14th). Unfortunately, I lost my special angel to cancer in the bladder unexpectedly this past weekend. My heart and my family's hearts are broken. I feel thankful that I was able to provide her the happy life she did deserve. I am thankful for your organization for bringing her into my life.


Banjo did not have a good start in life. He was an Animal Planet rescue who was being starved in a wire cage with four other beagles. Houston Beagle Rescue brought him back to good health, and we adopted him. He was a joy, and had the cutest happy dance for everyone he met. He loved belly rubs, eating, toys, and walks. His greatest wish in life was a little boy to play with, and his wish was granted when our grandbaby Max was born last year...he really loved that baby! Goodbye, sweet Banjo...you were a true blessing in our lives! <3

Susan and Joe G.

Cooper passed away suddenly on July 13, 2012 from a sudden heart attack. He will be remembered forever as the always smiling, handsome boy who had survived being run over in Houston and had a much better and pampered life with us. He lived the life of Riley.

Our sweet Beagle, Summer, went to the Bridge on February 11, 2013, at the age of 15 1/2. She was already a senior girl when we adopted her, but she still had so much energy and spirit to share and we are grateful that HBHR made it possible for her to be a part of our lives. Summer loved to go for long early morning walks through our neighborhood and she especially liked getting to choose for herself which route we would take each day. She also loved going for walks in all of the many places she visited with us on multi-state trips in our RV. In addition, Summer was quite fond of her daily routines and she used very cute and expressive body language to remind us whenever it was time for important things like walks, snacks, meals, and naps in the sunroom. Summer gave us so much joy, love, and companionship during all the years she was with us and we are missing her very much. See you at the Bridge, sweet girl.

Tobi (“Wyatt of the West”) was unexpectedly called to cross over the rainbow bridge on February 15, 2013 at the young age of 8. Our home and hearts will never be the same without our “Boo”. I will forever cherish the many memories of your obsession with the tennis ball (made by Wilson ONLY), finding your babies in my bed at bedtime stuffed between 2 pillows so your sister couldn’t steal them and hearing you jump off the bed upstairs when you heard the fridge or pantry open. You were just so sweet and loving and I will miss our snuggle cuddle time every day. Still hard to believe you are really gone and your sister (Gigi) is lost without you. Meet you at the bridge one day my Boo~

Katy August 13th 2013

Kahlua came to our home when she was only six weeks old in August 2007 when we were living in Brazil. We all fell in love with her the first time we saw her, she was a small furry Beagle with long ears, busy nose and sharp eyes.

For some reason that I cannot explain, she chose me as her favorite in the family. We are a family of five (my wife and three children) and she adapted instantly to us.

Unfortunately we had to put her to rest last week, a dreadful and painful day that I will never forget, Thursday August 8th. She became ill just three weeks before that, she started having back pain and after that started having seizures. We took her to the Vet and they put her on a lot of medication but at the time we focus only on her back. She had good days and bad days, and one day had a couple of strong seizures that the Vet thinks finally damaged her to the point of no return.

It was painful to depart from my best friend; I miss and mourn her dearly. All of us have wept like children and I cannot let go, I miss her a lot.

She gave us a lot of joy during her short stay with us, she had a place in her heart for every one of us, but with me, she was special. She greeted me every day like she has not seen me in days; I had to make sure that she got my attention even before my wife.

All she knew was to give love and please her family wagging her tail and being playful. She showed me the true meaning of friendship that I will never forget. My heart is deeply wounded but I know that she does not want to see me hurt; all she wanted was to make me happy.

My dream was to see her grow old with me, she actually was starting to show some grey on her eyebrows, but my dream was taken away from me. I know she is in better place where there is no more pain and discomfort but it will take a lot of time for me to let go.

Daisy Mae - my "Little Mae"

When I adopted you I had no idea the amount of joy that you would bring. You didn't feel very well at first but soon you began to feel better. And when you did, you woo-wooed, cooed, wagged and wiggled every single day! Sunshine followed you wherever you were. You adopted Cooper Beagle, helped us adopt Angel Beagle, were the Pet Hero for the 2010 Houston Arthritis Walk, and were our hero. You were the queen of the household -known to Cooper and I as HRH Daisy Mae - and you let us know it! You were a blessing to us and continue to be an inspiration. I miss you dearly and smile whenever I think of you - my sweet, funny, loving and courageous Little Mae.

November 2014

We are feeling a lot of grief on the loss of our sweet Hunter. He was one fierce little fellow, especially around food. Almost 14 years ago my in-laws found him in their front yard and saved him for us. We are so grateful. I know we will see him again.

Percy brought me much fun, joy and craziness. He was a wild man, always on the move and into everything. He was needy but very affectionate and glued to my side. I loved that sweet bad boy in spite of himself, and I know he is now prancing around in doggy heaven! May cosmic bliss come down on Percy and all other angel dogs and scratch them on the belly!

Annie was a sweet girl who knew more about her owner and care-giver than anyone. She cared for her owner through empty-nesting, a serious illness, a doctoral program, a divorce, a business start-up, four moves, and a short stay in a below-zero climate. She never wavered in her love. She leaves behind a bereft owner and her 'other mother,' Linda who cared for her so lovingly.

I lost my best friend yesterday 5/5/15. That sweet beagle boy was the love of my life, and I miss him terribly. I learned of his tumor late in 2014, and although it grew fast, he was not miserable. My sweet boy continued to dig for slugs, roll in the grass, loved his walks, and still had a beagle appetite. I was able to say goodbye to my sweet boy without fear or pain in his eyes. I will be forever grateful to HBHR for my sweet Austin and our 11 years together.

Today my sweet baby crossed Rainbow Bridge. She's been the love of our lives for eight of her nine years. Her little body was so sick. Friday she was diagnosed with Kidney failure. It's all been so fast and so hard. Thank you for allowing us to be her forever home and family. She went peacefully in my arms at home. She is survived by her beagle brother Tex age 13 and her people family Avery, Sadie, Ryan, and Katie Corley.

This was our sweet ChaChi, sadly on February 23, 2016 his time on earth was over. My husband got him from Houston Beagle Rescue about 13 years ago. It was love at first sight. They were inseparable. Paul would take him to different community events as a pretend K-9, so the children would be able to pet and love on him due to the real K-9s were not touchable. They had an incredible bond and love for each other. We love and miss him dearly. He will always be remembered as the most loyal devoted friend. We miss him sleeping in the bed with us, with his head propped up on a pillow and his body under the covers. We miss his loud greetings when we would arrive home from an outing. When I would be cooking dinner with him sitting and staring me with that look every beagle is great a giving, if he could have spoken to me, he would have said "Mom FOOD!!" RIP Chachi We love you!!

Tater was my foster dog, and he found his forever home with me when I adopted him in 2006. Comedic, loving, sensitive and highly expressive, I told anyone who would listen that I had “the best beagle ever.” He was a fixture in my life and was loved by my friends, family and all the foster dogs that came through our home. In our ten years together, Tater saw me through many rough spots and many triumphs. Tater gained a new adoring fan when I met and married my husband. Tater and Davie’s bond was as honest and significant as one could imagine. They talked to each other, gave each other sideways glances and devised schemes to trick me into doling out extra treats or food. Tater loved sunning himself on the patio and snoozing on one of his several pads throughout the house. Most of all, he loved being with us. We will always be able to hear your howl, buddy. We love and miss you.

Beloved Rock. He was truly the most pure hearted and sweetest beagle boy ever. He never met an enemy and enjoyed life to the fullest. He LOVED rolling in the sun, riding in the car, traveling to New Orleans, camping and meeting every doggie friend he encountered. He is sorely missed.

It is with great sadness that I let y'all know that Paige, a remarkable and awesome beagle that we adopted from HBHR in July 2008, passed away last Friday, August 16, 2016. Paige was our best dog, and the best big sister to our little girl. We loved her dearly and miss her terribly.

It was a sad day at our home yesterday as our elder beagle Suzie quietly passed away at home. She was an abused and neglected girl when she came to us 8 years ago. After being in rescue for 2 years it was apparent she would never be adopted. She was the "ugly duckling" in the beagle world, was very unsure of people. We decided that we would give her a permanent home. So for 6 years she had good food, a warm bed and a porch to lay out in the sun in. Her passing sends her to a better place, where she can be the "belle of the ball". Her sometimes weird personality will be truly missed, and I know she will be waiting at the "Bridge" to meet us one day.

Back in 2008 I adopted Dino. He was such a fun beagle. Everyone that crossed paths with him has fond memories of his beagle ways. We taught him to howl, he tubed the Guadalupe river, took road trips to Chicago, San Antonio, and Austin when we evacuated for Hurricane Ike. His last road trip was out to Seattle where we moved. He loved riding in the car and was such a good traveler. He loved his food, and your food, and everyone else's food. He loved attention and being pet. He was part of the Faithful Friends group in Houston that visited nursing homes to brighten the day for other people. The house is empty without him to say goodbye each morning and hello when we come home. We will miss him, our buddy Dino.

This is our much loved Molly neé Opal Diaz adopted in 2008 from Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue. Because she had basset-leg syndrome we gave her the full name of Stubby Molly McGoo. She was a real character and was able to communicate as well with her eyes than some humans can with words. She didn't have a shy bone in her body and was soon also dubbed Lady Barksalot. Molly was devoted to her PawPaw. A big personality made her unforgettable to the humans she met. She survived a terrible attack by a much larger dog in 2013 but wasn't able to beat cancer this year. She went to the rainbow bridge on May 18, 2016. To say she left a huge hole in our hearts is a big understatement. Thank you for rescuing her so we could love her these past eight years.

Both of our beautiful puppies were taken from us by cancer in three weeks’ time.

Banjo (B J, Beej, Beejer, Great One) came to us from HBHR on May 11, 2009 and we hit it off immediately. He loved chasing squirrels in the back yard and making the doves fly away. He enjoyed long walks on the bike trail and once caught a mouse out there! Squeak toys were his passion. He’d grab one and run all over the house going “week-a, week-a!”, and then expect a treat for it. The ‘possum on the fence in the wee hours often had Banjo to deal with. B J usually chose a place to sleep close to both of us, whether there was a dog bed there or not.

Toots (Tooter, Tootsie, Little One) arrived a few months later in 2010. She enjoyed her walks too but would never have touched a mouse. She was a flirt, looking over her shoulder and wagging her whole body. She would snatch a sock, running away with it but dropping it on the way. Sometimes she would pretend to catch “something” and shake it all around. She was irrepressible. If you waved your hand in a circle, she would “dance around,” turning and bouncing. She always slept in her bed under a table in the bedroom.

Toots thought she was Banjo’s mother, washing his face and his ears. They asked for treats together, barking in the kitchen. “Banjo, you need a goodie?! You too, Little One?!” Banjo would eat his at once but Toots would run around the room, celebrating her good fortune. So many memories. Each brings a smile and a tear.

Each passed away in our arms, Toots on April 22 and Banjo on May 11, 2017. There are two voids in our lives now and the house seems very empty. Banjo and Toots, you blessed our lives and we will love you forever.

"Mama and Pop" (Mary Beth and Joe)

Tomorrow will be five years since we first laid eyes on our Lucy Lu. She made us laugh with her silly sleeping ways and incredibly loud snore. She made our hearts melt when she cried while she, myself and her brother waited in the car on her first day with our family as my husband went into the store - then went bananas when she saw him again. She made our hearts break when she lost her battle with cancer while we were out of town and couldn’t get home fast enough to say goodbye. She loved her brother, Bailey, but after his death two and half years after she rescued us, she really came into her own in our home. She flourished as being an only dog. Two years later, we got a call that changed our lives. We have been without our baby girl for six months and there’s not a day that goes by where we don’t miss her and wish we could see her sleeping in the most insane positions or hear her lawn mower snore again. Lucy was the piece of our family puzzle we didn’t know we were missing until she completed the picture.

Buddy crossed the rainbow bridge on Thursday 8/10/2017. He was our first rescue beagle and we adopted him on 12/14/2008. He was a happy dog that enjoyed chasing rabbits and getting belly rubs. We will miss him greatly.

We are so grateful to HBHR for rescuing Ivy and entrusting her to us. At HBHR, Ivy made eye contact from the middle of a pack of rambunctious beagles with a “get me out of here” look in her eyes. We fell in love. Melissa, our daughter, prayed for an old lazy dog and that is exactly what we got. As a bonus, Ivy was sweet and gentle. All who met her attached that description to her. Even the cats and squirrels had nothing to fear. She was a champion snuggler and tested every spot in the house for comfort. She used every good spot daily. She also had a unique craving for broccoli. She went bonkers for broccoli - frozen or cooked but not fresh. We will miss the sound of her snoring, the warmth of her snuggles, and her loving brown eyes.

Julie was my most favorite little girl hound dog. I just want to start with... saying thank you. Although my heart is in pieces...how can I not say thank you to the organization that gave me the worlds greatest hound dog? I was a mere 21-22 yes old when I adopted this little girl. And I was soo lucky...I told her every day...”I am so very lucky to have you Julie girl. I’m so lucky God gave me YOU”! It’s been so difficult losing her...but thank you for giving me 12 years...of seriously the best hound dog I could ever want. I will miss her always.


These sweet senior girls were both adopted by the founder of HBHR when they were already 8 years old. Bessy joined the family in 1996. At that time, Sandra did not know how many beagles and other dogs were routinely dumped in shelters or even along the road.

After a chance meeting with a nice vet tech who rescued senior dogs, Bessy found a new home and unknowingly started a chain of events that changed the lives of over 750 abandoned beagles! The reality of the pet overpopulation tragedy became all too apparent when the family was seeking a second senior beagle to adopt. Bonnie came to Houston from Seattle Beagle Rescue in 1999.

The beagle girls later shared their home with hundreds of rescued foster beagles as HBHR became a reality thanks to the inspiration of these two wonderful senior beagles and to so many dedicated volunteers and adopters!

Bessy crossed the bridge on September 10, 2001 and Bonnie joined her on October 11, 2006.

Beloved daughter of Koko and Ann, and
sister of Bailey.  Went to the Bridge on
April 24, 2004.  Aggie was a trooper who
ruled the roost for 18 years. 
Koko and Ann adopted Gertie and Charley
(aka Peaches) to help Bailey deal with
Aggie's loss.

Kirby went to the bridge on April 13, 2006.
God gave us seventeen wonderful years to love each other. Your soul will forever live in our hearts and in our home. Your spirit lives on through Bella Beagle. I love and miss you very much. You were the best!

Shelby went to the bridge on December 1, 2006 after a long battle with cancer.   Her Human family, ther Gerbers said "She is a memory now but one that will always be remembered with laughter and joy. Thank you God for putting her in our lives. Meet you at the Bridge, Shelby."

Click here to view memorial for Alice HAMBeagler

"Honorary Beagle"
Penelope Fay, the “most beautiful dog in the world”, lost a valiant fight with cancer on Wednesday, November 28th. She helped foster her first coonhound in April 2001 and her first beagle in August 2001.
Penelope was a therapy dog for Caring Critters for several years until her cancer diagnosis last year. Her family misses her very, very much.

He was a good boy for the short time I had him and I miss him already. It will be awfully quiet around here without him spinning in circles and making squeaking noises when I come home from work.


Missy (Boody) Seippel
March 1993 – March 13, 2008
Read Missy's Memorial

Jeff, Jack and Mary Linda Seippel, and all of the Seippel family
and friends of Missy Boo.

Penny, beautiful 15-year-old beagle who was a special honorary "foster mom" for many rescued beagles, went to the Rainbow Bridge on March 17, 2009. She will be waiting there for her beloved owner, Ron, who misses her so much

"Lazy" Daisy Ribbe went to the bridge August 11, 2009 after having surgery that morning. She was with us for 9 years and worked her way into our hearts. She could bark to the tune of 'Who let the dogs out', loved to watch a good movie on Sunday mornings with her Dad, and ate 3 meals a day: cereal from Carly, lunch leftovers from Dad, and ice cream from Mom. We will miss her howling and overexcitement everytime we walk through the door of our home.

We love you, Daisy.

Ladybird went to the Rainbow Bridge on 3-12-10. This sweet senior beagle was rescued while running around the Superdome following Hurricane Katrina, nearly starved to death. After spending months in the animal claim center in Baton Rouge she came to HBHR with heartworms and not spayed, at the approximate age of 11 or 12. She made it through all the vetting, but was not gaining weight. Turns out that during her fight to live in New Orleans she had eaten anything she could get a hold of, including surgical gauze, shoestrings, a t-shirt and a leash! After her intestines were cleared out, she began to thrive at her foster home. Luckily for Ladybird, due to all she had endured the foster family decided she deserved to stay with them as a permanent family member. She never did learn that a belt, spatula, or large spoon was not going to harm her, but she was a lover and a loyal companion, sitting by her foster dad's side for hours as he worked on his computer. Ladybird was a fighter right to the end, even with cancer eating away at her nose and eye. Her family will always remember her as MOMMY DOG.

Maggie aka “Maggisita”

Maggie returned home to our creator on June 21, 2010 from the result of Irreversible Kidney failure. Maggie was an older girl, whose age is not certain because she was found in Deer Park, Tx. on December 11, 2008, the night before the snow fell. Her new family will miss her dearly.

Maggie was a free spirit, full of love and life. Maggie enjoyed going to the doggie park as well as going out to the front yard of her house and sniffing around the nearby yards. Maggie always enjoyed her dog biscuits and would even dance around when it was time for hers because she loved them so. Maggie enjoyed the company of her new mommy as well as her other adopted dog and cat family. Maggie brought much love and happiness to her adopted family and is being missed dearly. Maggie joined an extended number of adopted family members and pets in heaven where she is now pain free and has free range to sniff around and chase butterflies and will be waiting for her adopted mommy and adopted family of dogs and cats to join her……… “God be with you till we meet again Maggisita”!

Emmie, you were an incredibley sweet and spunky girl who left this world too soon. Your friends and family will always love you and never forget you.

"It is with very great sadness that I write to tell you that my sweet Beagle girl Lucy died on 1-5-2011. I adopted Lucy from Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue in November 2008. After what we all thought had been a very hard life before rescue, Lucy really blossomed in so many ways. She finally became comfortable with me, frequently coming to me and wanting me to scratch her behind her ears or under her chin. She loved going on walks and of course, relished mealtime. She even came out of her shell and wanted to be in the same room with everyone else, curling up on her nest. I loved Lucy so much, and I want to thank you for rescuing and taking care of this wonderful girl and making it possible for her to be in my life."

Sincerely, Linda R.

Megs - beloved beagle that shared life with Houston Beagle Rescue founder, Sandra Kos, went to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday, August 29th 2011. Megs worked very hard as an ambassador for HBHR doing home visits, attending events, rescuing beagles from shelters, teaching rescues the ropes if they were fostered in her home. Our hearts are broken for Sandra and we will all miss Megs very much.

Vince was a great dog that my family was lucky to have. He was born on Jan. 3rd, 2006 and passed away Sept. 23, 2011. We had the pleasure of having a high energy, loving family dog. His presence was a daily joy in our lives and he grew up with our family. Beagles like Vince are rare and one of a kind, we will always miss you! Vince will headline my new business name, in his honor......... We love u always and someday we’ll meet again.

Love, Mom and Dad

Bella Beagle (formerly Poppy with HBHR) was unexpectedly called to cross over the rainbow bridge on March 28, 2012 at the young age of 7. Our home and hearts will never be the same without you. We cherish the memories we shared together with our little bean, boo, disco queen, pencil ,camel and bowling ball. We miss seeing you do your morning yoga stretches and especially miss your presence during coffee time. You gave us so much joy and filled our home with laughter. Sister is lost without you. There was so much sweetness packed into your little body. It is still hard to believe you are gone. No one will ever live up to your display of gusto at meal time. We will see you again in heaven.

We love you with all our hearts,
Mama K and D and Sister.

Vincent (aka Vincenzo!) came to HBHR in 2003 in pretty bad shape. He'd been hit by a car, had heartworms, and his left ear was gangrened. Even through all the pain, he was as sweet as could be. He found his forever home and was pretty happy there for several years until a series of events in 2009 landed him back with his former foster family. We welcomed him with open arms because, after all, it was Vincent- what else could we do? Unfortunately, he suffered major health issues over the past 6 months and finally crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 19, 2012. Vincent was the kindest and most gentle beagle soul ever. His family misses him very much!

Missy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 30, 2012. Missy was the quintessential Beagle- stubborn, energetic, NOISY, food-driven, and just plain rotten. She staffed the HBHR booth at the Houston dog show for many years although, quite honestly she had so much energy that we ended up running around the dog show just because she couldn't sit still at the booth! Missy was even a therapy dog- for 3 whole months. She kept looking for food instead of visiting with patients so we had to drop out of the program. Even though Missy was at least 18 and probably closer to 20, she was active up to the end- she took a 1/2 mile walk the day before she died and wanted to go further and faster. Missy pants- the house is entirely too quiet without you here! I am totally missing your joker smile.

In 2001 I drove to Sandra's house in Kingwood where I was led to her kitchen and surrounded by 11 beagle kids, all needing loving homes. I went in looking for a small female. I left with a 35 lb. male beagle, named Rocky. He sat down next to me under the kitchen table and kept tapping me on the arm, as if to say "here I am, I'm for you, take me home". I did, and yesterday, March 18th, 2013, he went to the Rainbow Bridge, where he is now running and playing with his step-sister, Sadie Roubicek, and making a bunch of new friends. He can now see clearly, hear perfectly, and has unlimited access to all his favorite treats. I will miss him and love him always. He has left a huge hole in my heart.

Sweet Sadie Rose came into our lives August 10th, 2008. Sadie was a precious sweet angel girl from the moment we brought her home. She was also the proud big sister of twin boys born May 8th 2012. Sadie never left her mommy's side throughout the pregnancy and was such a comfort when things became tough for anyone. Sadly it was discovered 2 weeks after her twin brothers were born that she had lymphoma that was past the point of chemotherapy. Sadie passed away peacefully on May 23, 2012. She was not alone when she passed away. Her older sister, Fiona, and mommy were by her side. Sadie will forever be in our hearts and is terribly missed every second of the day. Sadie Rose Cannon made the world a better place the short time she was with us.

We lost our dear Catcat on Saturday, November 23, 2013. She suffered from kidney failure and was not doing well. She let us know in her own way that it was time for her to go to Rainbow Bridge. Catcat was by far the sweetest dog anyone ever came into contact with. Her gentle soul and love for every single person, big or little, made her a favorite of everyone. She came to us from the Houston Beagle Rescue seven years ago and quickly made herself at home. She enjoyed long naps on the couch, food, going for walks, food, a good belly rub, food, and going for rides in the car. Did I mention her love of food? Our family will not be the same without our sweet gentle girl. She will be FOREVER in our hearts. Rest in peace, Catcat. We love you and will never forget our sweet time with you.

Our little firecracker Lindy Lou went to the Rainbow Bridge on September 19, 2014.
She was always a character and a perpetual puppy...even at 14 years old!
Lindy, you will be missed.

It was with great sadness that Mark and I said goodbye to our beloved Gracie on October 25, 2014! She blessed our lives for almost 6 years and this earth for approximately 14 years. Our heart and our home are emptier without her and for us there will never be another Gracie! She was one of a kind. Her tail didn't stand straight up like a typical Beagle, her eyes could look a little wall-eyed at times, her big canine teeth had been ground down somehow, someway, but she had the softest coat, the quietest walk, and the most trusting and sweet disposition and she absolutely loved, loved, loved to walk, which we did every morning. She made us laugh many times with her dinner dances, her zoomie zooms through the yard, her snoring, her full body dreaming and she amazed us with catching a squirrel and unearthing a baby bunny and being oh-so proud! Thanks for “gracing” our lives and tolerating all the smooches that we lavished on you. We love you and miss you Gracie and always will!

Sophie, our first rescue, lost her short but intense battle on December 26, 2014 at 4am. She brought us much joy in the 2 years we shared. The way she "talked" , rolled on her back and quickly ran out the dog door at the mention of a squirrel. She was always attentive if a family member was ill or sad. Sophies purpose and reason for life was to teach us about hound rescue. Sophie came to us after abuse and nutritional neglect and an incontinence issue. HBHR took great care of her until her adoption. Sophie showed us the absolute privilege of adopting a special needs rescue hound. We have 2 more special needs Rescues and have fostered 5 others. She rescued us as much as we did her. Thank you for letting us love you and thank you for the life lesson. We love you Sophie Curry!

Tigger and I met at Houston Beagle Rescue in February, 2006. He’d been living rough for some time and was under weight and dehydrated. He was also very timid, and perhaps had been abused. Despite all that we became best friends and enjoyed nine years together. I hope he is now in a good place where there are lots of rabbits to chase. I miss you Tig.

Gordon was the quietest beagle in the world, who loved a good meander around the dog park, and a good nap afterwards. He was our lumpy Super Dog, and we'll never forget him.

We were very fortunate to have Sooner for a wonderful 16 years. Today Thursday March 10th his sweet spirit went over the Rainbow Bridge. He was a gentle soul and his companionship was a blessing to us for his entire life. We will never forget him.

Our sweet always happy girl, Baylee (Iris) passed over the Rainbow Bridge on March 9, 2016. She loved her walks and rides in a car! Loved to Zen out on her stuffed animals! She was a hoarder of dog biscuits; found under our bed pillows or in the couch cushions! Loved her bump and spin when playing with other dogs! She even got ahold of Hershey’s Kisses and placed them under our pillows. No, she didn’t eat a single one! So precious and sweet! You were so loved and so missed! She was a trooper through the back surgery, coming out of that 100% and then only to a cancer diagnosis. You were taken too early, but wanted you out of pain and able to bump spin with other angels! Thank you HBHR for allowing us the special time with this girl!

In December of 2003 our family was considering fostering a dog for Houston Beagle & Hound Rescue. At about the same time we began discussions of taking in one of the rescue beagles, we noticed a beagle/terrier mix on Montgomery County Animal Shelter’s website. He was on his last day of hold and would be put down the next day if his owner or a rescue group didn’t come get him out. HBHR President at the time, Sandra Kos immediately volunteered to rescue Snickers and we agreed to foster him until a forever home could be found. The little guy had heartworms, tape worms, hookworms, fleas, ear mites, was malnourished, and showed signs of abuse. Over the next few weeks a strong bond began to form and we just couldn’t see Snickers going to live with any other family. He completed all of his medical treatments and became our little miracle dog. We had 12 wonderful years filled with joy, companionship, and a lot of laughter at what a character he was. He was so smart and loving and even tolerated other temporary fosters, although he let them know he was top dog!

It broke all of our hearts when Snickers went to the bridge unexpectedly February 9, 2016 after a surgery to remove tumors. He will be forever missed by all of us. And we will be forever grateful to HBHR and especially Sandra Kos for all the years of support, advice and the ultimate- helping us to save him and provide him with his forever home where he was treasured every day of his special life.

We adopted Beau in January 2005. He left us in October 2016 after a long, healthy life. We got three more dogs after Beau and he was a good, protective big brother. Beau had a sweet disposition and loved to howl along with us. He was quite the howler. Everyone, including our dogs, misses Beau. Thank you to Houston Beagle Rescue for the great work you do.

We decided to let Sniffer, our senior beagle, cross the Rainbow Bridge after four wonderful years on Friday, October 11, 2016. He was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma in late September. Sniffer came to us thru HBHR after his original adopter was unable to keep him. Sniffer was a wonderful dog and our first senior. We’ve since adopted Bitsy and sponsored three foster seniors, all because of him. He was the best dog. I love you Sniffer to the moon and back. Gretchen

Pretty Miss Lola was the best 3 am possum treer in the whole neighborhood. She was guaranteed to get a comment about her feet whenever we went out, and no one ever believed that she loved swimming as much as she did. She was constantly on the trail of SOMETHING and her favorite chew toy was tupperware. She was our very favorite princess.

Bitsy passed away at home after a lengthy, but courageous battle with cancer on Friday, February 24, 2017. We adopted Bitsy just three short years ago on Easter Sunday 2014. She was a sweet little girl. We wanted her because so many others thought she was too short, fat and old. She would always greet meet at the door with a big smile. She loved meal time and had the greatest Bitsy Bounce, especially when she was excited. I love and miss you so much, Bitsy Boo.

Sissy came into our home in September of 2006. She was a member of our dog pack, including Sammi (f/k/a Olive) and Suzy (f/k/a Lacy), whom we also adopted from Beagle Rescue, until November 5, 2016. Unfortunately, Sissy passed away unexpectedly. We miss her every day and wish she was still with us. When we adopted Sissy, we were told she was a “talker.” Well, that was very true. When her Beagle sisters, Sammi and Suzy, would get too rowdy in the house, Sissy would start “talking” to them, letting them know it was time to stop. She was a real character “talking” to us when something was not going her way! We sure miss those conversations!!

Maggie came to our home at 4 weeks old. She was the runt of her litter but her howling capabilities proved otherwise! Always hungry. Always ready to play. Always ready for some belly rub love. My baby girl has been through a lot but she has always managed to persevere & enjoy life to the fullest. Her obedience and love made her great with children and a joy to be around. Her favorite thing to do (aside from eating) was take baths in the tub, then we’d race out of the tub, across the house, and through the back door so she could shake and roll and around in the grass only to get dirty again! She also loved howling competitions…which she always won. When sudden news of cancer broke and a day later, I was led to put her to sleep, my heart was devastated because I couldn’t fix my beautiful Maggie. Maggie you will be missed, loved, and never forgotten my beautiful girl. Mommy will see you in heaven soon. Love you puppa!

As Thursday, 3 August 2017, my family has lost one of the most loyal companions we have known – our beagle, Cleo.

We adopted Cleo from the Houston Beagle & Hound Rescue in 2007, her approximate age was 3, making her now 13 (or so) in dog years, or 91 in human years. Cleo’s beloved stuffed sheep, Baba, was her companion through the foster process, and came to our home and has stayed with Cleo until the very end.

Cleo slept on my bed when I lived at home through part of college and graduate school, she slept on my brother’s bed from then on. She knew where her bread was buttered – countless times she escaped from the back yard or out the front door, and would disappear for hours. But Cleo knew where Home was, and would always return. She delighted in stealing prime rib off to-go plates at Christmas dinners, getting into the garbage for any morsel of food, and pizza…I have never seen a dog love a food more than Cleo loved pizza. She was there for me through boyfriends, jobs, losses of grandmothers, planning a wedding, fertility trouble, and the birth of Audrey. She was there for my brother through middle and high school, and now there as he finished college this last week. I stayed at my parents’ house the week Kevin and I were married. Two nights before the wedding, my nerves about being a bride and wife for the first time surfaced. I sat at the top of the stairs crying, wondering if I would be a good wife – and basically freaking out about the wedding details. Cleo sat down next to me, put her paw on my leg, and then laid down beside me. We watched the wind blow through the trees, and after a while, she followed me to bed. That was her, she sat with all of us at the top of the stairs at one point or another, overlooking the front yard, when a friend was needed.

My dad and brother love her especially, you can never replace “a boy and his dog.” Cleo loved them right back. She gave my mom a run for her money, getting into the garbage, tracking in dirt on white carpets, house-breaking exercises…on white carpet… (they eventually had the carpet replaced with laminate). But, my mom loved her nonetheless. When my dad started working in the evenings at a new job, Cleo became my mom's special buddy.

I once read a story of a small boy who explained the lifespan of dogs versus that of humans. He reasoned that dogs are naturally good, so it takes them less time to learn love unconditionally than it does humans. Therefore, dogs don’t have to be here so long.

That little boy knew a truth about the inherent goodness of dogs. They love, they eat, they play. Dogs want our approval and happiness because those things make them happy. Think about that for a moment – dogs are happy when their masters are happy. It makes me wonder if that is how our relationship with God is. He delights in our joy, and cries with us in our sorrow and grief, just like a dog will. It’s no wonder dog is God spelled backward.

Wait for us at the top of the stairs to Heaven, sweet girl. Good dog.

We adopted Miles, better known to our family as Junior, in May of 2006 when he was 3. He passed away at the age of 14. The first day he came to us, he went upstairs onto our catwalk and when he couldn’t figure out how to get back downstairs he started crying and from that point on he only got funnier. He was a special boy who never actually grew up, he was always our sweet little baby boy. He loved sleeping at the end of the bed on his Frozen blanket with his 4 stuffed animals every night. He was always happy to go on car rides, but only in the front seat (: his guilty pleasures were going to Starbucks to get a puppy latte, going to Ritters to get a doggie dish, or getting a puppy cupcake from Sprinkles. He was beyond spoiled and he definitely knew it. His personality was bigger than his body which definitely fits in with our family. He did not like kissing girls, only his daddy. He loved spending quality time with his mommy, daddy and his “sissy”. At the end of July, he got to go on his very first vacation with us as a family which we are so very grateful that he got to experience with us before he passed away. We went out into the country for the first time and he was not so sure of all that. He did not like rocks and sticks on the bottom of his paws. His passing was so very sudden and he will truly be missed.

“I really have to go now. I’ve just got to try my wings”


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