About adoption Faqs

Does it cost anything to adopt one of your dogs?

Yes. We ask for a minimum donation of:
$350 for puppies (under 8 months old)
$300 for adult dogs
$250 for mixes
$200 for special needs dogs and seniors (over 8 years old)

Fees may vary, so check with a volunteer for possible changes.

What does the adoption fee include?
The fee includes the dog (of course), first set of vaccinations, worming (if needed), spay or neuter, a collar and a leash, a microchip and some training. In some cases it includes heartworm treatment and other possible medical treatments.
Why does it cost so much to adopt from your organization, when I can adopt from a shelter for much less?

Rescuing a dog is not cheap. First of all, we must pay a fee to the shelter when we rescue a dog. About 90% of rescued dogs have not been spayed/neutered, so we must pay for that. About 75% of our rescued dogs have heartworms, and must undergo treatment (this can cost hundreds of dollars). We also must vaccinate and worm all rescued dogs. Many dogs we rescue are in need of treatments (mange, eye problems, ear problems, broken bones, etc.) which costs money.
But think about this: when you rescue a dog from us, you know what you are getting. The dog is kept in a foster home, and is trained to be well behaved inside a home. Most of our dogs are house-trained and crate-trained. They also undergo behavioral training (such as learning not to chew, dig, steal food, etc.) We can tell you if a dog is right for you (i.e., good with kids, good with other dogs, very active, laid-back, etc.)

When it comes down to it, many adopters are acquiring a $500 dog with all vaccinations, etc., AND training! We also throw in a collar and a leash. That’s quite a deal if you think about it.

What if I fall in love with one of your dogs at an event, do you do on-site adoptions?

We like to learn about you and your current/previous pets to make sure that the dog you’re interested in is a good fit for your family. This process takes a little time and therefore we do not do on-site adoptions.  If, however, you are already cleared to adopt, we can arrange for you to meet and/or take a dog home from one of our events.


How do I know if a rescued dog is right for me?
Read our “Are You Right for a Rescued Dog?” page and find out!
I would like to breed my Beagle. Do I have to adopt an altered dog?
You can only adopt an altered (spayed/neutered) dog from us. All of our dogs must be spayed or neutered before leaving HBHR. We would like to leave breeding to the professionals who are breeding to better the breed.
I was told I have to live in a house and have a fenced-in yard to adopt from rescue. Is this true?
No. Many of our dogs would be perfect fits for apartment living. It just depends on the dog. When you contact us and apply to adopt, we will let you know which of our dogs would be best for apartment living.
If I rent, do I have to tell my landlord I'm adopting a dog? And if so, why?
Absolutely. We must have – in writing – record of your pet deposit, or a letter stating that a deposit is not required for you to have to dog. Either that or we must be allowed to contact your landlord to confirm that you can keep the dog in your dwelling. We do this because we are looking out for the best interest of the dog. If someone did “sneak” the dog into their home, and then were asked to remove it, they would then be finding a new home for the dog.
I am under 18 years of age. Can I still adopt or foster?
If you are under 18 years of age, you must have a parent or legal guardian complete the foster or adoption application for you. We would then have to interview your parent or legal guardian.
Do you adopt out-of-state?

Due to problems with follow-up on long distance adoptions, we have determined it is in the best interest of our beagles and hounds to be adopted within Texas, or just a short distance beyond our boundaries. If you are farther than that, please apply to adopt from a beagle rescue nearer to your location.  If you are a previous adopter who now lives out of state, please contact us.

I would like to adopt a dog, but nobody is home during the day to take care of him. Can we still adopt?
Of course. Many of our adopters have full-time jobs and must be out of the house for several hours a day. As long as the dog is kept safely indoors (confined in a crate or room if need be), then leaving him/her home alone for a few hours a day is fine. Many of our adoptive homes also have doggie doors, which works out well if the yard is safe/secure.
I am looking for some good hunting dogs. Do you adopt to hunters?
No. Our dogs are only adopted out as family pets and/or companions. It is our policy that our dogs not be used for hunting, fighting, a barn animal, or experimental research
What if I adopt a dog and it just doesn't work out?
A “trial period” can be discussed with an officer of the organization before the adoption is finalized. However, after adoption is finalized, and you feel the dog is not working out, you are required by contract to return the dog to HBHR immediately, forfeiting your donation.
Where can I find your adoption application?

You can find our adoption application here.