About Adoption


  • Please read our Frequently Asked Questions about adoption
  • The first step in the process is to complete our online application
  • A representative of HBHR will evaluate your application and may ask you to elaborate on some of your answers.
  • HBHR will do a “vet check” if you currently own or previously owned pets.  This means we will contact your veterinarian to make sure you have kept your pet’s vaccinations and/or heartworm preventative current.
  • HBHR will request a “home visit”.  A representative from HBHR will visit your home to make sure the fence is secure, among other things.
  • Once all of the above is done, you can then begin meeting the dogs you are interested in, and decide which one you would like to adopt.
  • You must then purchase a tag for your new pet which displays your telephone number.
  • Once you officially adopt the dog, you will sign a contract stating you will take proper care of the dog.
  • You will be given his/her medical paperwork, a month’s supply of Heartgard and revolution, a leash, and a collar.