About Fostering FAQs

What does a Foster do?
A foster basically provides a temporary home for a dog until we can find a forever home for him/her.
Will I have to pay for veterinary bills for my foster dog?
No. HBHR pays all medical bills for our foster dogs. However, we do require you check with us before making any trips to the vet. There are particular clinics we use that will give us “rescue” rates, and we prefer to use those clinics.
I have other dogs. Do I need to do anything with or for them before I foster?
Just make sure your dogs’ inoculations are up to date and that they are on heartworm-preventative medication. Otherwise, you should be okay!
If I rent, do I have to tell my landlord I'm fostering a dog? And if so, why?
Absolutely. We must have – in writing – record of your pet deposit, or a letter stating that a deposit is not required for you to have to dog. Either that or we must be allowed to contact your landlord to confirm that you can keep the dog in your dwelling. We do this because we are looking out for the best interest of the dog. If someone did “sneak” the dog into their home, and then were asked to remove it, they would then be finding a new home for the dog.
What do I do if I'm ready to foster?
Click here for instructions on what to do.
What are the responsibilities of a foster?
Provide Food and Water, indoor shelter, love, and socialization. A foster must also communicate with HBHR volunteers, commit to foster the dog until he/she is adopted, and evaluate the dog while in your care so HBHR can determine the right placement for him/her.
Will I have to pay for food for my foster dog?
Most foster parents provide food for their foster dog(s), but if you need assistance with the cost of food, HBHR will certainly cover the cost.
Iam under 18 years of age. Can I still adopt or foster?
If you are under 18 years of age, you must have a parent or legal guardian complete the foster or adoption application for you. We would then have to interview your parent or legal guardian.
I would like to foster a dog, but nobody is home during the day to take care of him. Can I still foster?
Absolutely. Most of our fosters have full-time jobs and must be out of the house for several hours a day. As long as the dog is kept safely indoors (confined in a crate or room if need be), then leaving him/her home alone for a few hours is fine. Many of our foster homes also have doggie doors which work well – as long as the yard is safe/secure.