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The foster families at Houston Hound & Beagle Rescue are dog lovers. We are committed to helping each dog find a perfect family. We also realize that not everyone is suited for a rescued beagle, so we are trying to educate the public about rescues. Everyone should know how much time, care, and money goes into a rescued dog.

What does a rescued beagle need?

A Safe and Loving Home – Our beagles have come from many situations – some were found as strays, some taken from shelters, and some turned in from owners. Many come with behavioral and/or social problems, which the foster family tries to identify and correct. Providing a safe and loving home helps the dog adjust to a new home. Adoptive families must continue this process of working patiently with the dog. Everyone should realize that rescues will often have problems – they’re usually not perfect and well-behaved dogs. Perfectly trained dogs are rare in rescues because they usually stay with their family. Therefore, a warm and safe environment is important for a rescued dog to adjust and feel secure.

A Commitment to the Rescued Dog’s Needs – Adoptive families must commit themselves and be patient with a rescued dog. They should provide training, socialization, and quality time with the dog, even if it requires a change of schedule. Work is often an excuse used by people who aren’t helping their new dog settle in. Therefore, we always try to place dogs in homes where they won’t be left alone all day. Being social creatures, dogs can become destructive when bored- chewing, digging, barking, howling etc.

A Commitment to Training – There are various training methods that can be used and will all help build a relationship between the dog and owner. Training is a part of responsible pet ownership, and it also teaches the dog to follow and respect the authority of its new owner. We recommend training through positive reinforcement- using praise, treats, or rewards after the dog follows orders or shows correct behavior.

A Willingness to Crate a Rescued Dog – For a dog, a crate can become its own “home”- a safe and quiet space of its own, similar to a wolf’s den. Crate training is great for transporting a dog, or when leaving the dog alone in the house. When the dog realizes that the crate is his own personal space, he may choose to go in there to be alone or sleep. It’s important not to use a crate only for punishment, as the dog will associate the crate with punishment and will never willingly go in.

A Securely Fenced Yard – This is especially important for hounds as they are sometimes great escape artists. A good fence – 6 feet tall – that surrounds the entire yard will help keep the dog safe. Invisible fencing is often not effective with beagles, as there isn’t anything to stop them from leaving the area, or from other animals coming in.

Regular Exercise – As with most dogs, regular exercise keeps beagles healthy and happy. It will also prevent them from becoming bored, which often results in destructive behavior. Make sure that you have the time to take your beagle to the park, or for a walk around the neighborhood.

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.