Spotlight on Our Beagle Angels!

The story just seems like a fantastic fairy tale!  Street dogs rescued by some human angels and taken to loving forever homes!  Well yes, sometimes fairy tales do come true!

Samantha (Sam) and George Dix run a wonderful organization called “Street Life to the Sweet Life”. They help trap stray dogs off the streets and get them to rescue organizations where they can be vetted and moved on to loving homes.

This past July, they were out on a trapping mission in the middle of Houston for another rescue group when five scraggly beagles with no collars wandered by them.  Sam and George felt they should try to help these dogs or at least figure out what their story was. They followed the dogs to a property that appeared abandoned, but they left a note just in case.  They asked the owner to call if help was needed to care for the beagles, such as vaccinations, spays/neuters, or food.  To their surprise they got a phone call later that night. A man said his father who had owned the property had recently died and the son was having problems taking care of the property and the dogs.  He wasn’t even sure how many dogs were on the property.  Sam and George immediately sprang into action.  They contacted Houston Beagle Rescue to see if we could help. They then went back to the property to assess the situation. They found twelve beagles, including two puppies. The puppies were in terrible shape so they asked permission from the man to take them immediately to an emergency vet clinic.   He agreed.  They rushed the puppies to the clinic, where unfortunately, one puppy died within the hour, but the second puppy was resilient. He spent six days in the emergency clinic. It was touch and go and he ended up with three blood transfusions over the first few days. Although Sam and George knew Houston Beagle Rescue had committed to take these beagles into our foster program, Sam got on social media to help raise more money for the puppy’s large vet bill.

Sam and George then went back to the property and successfully trapped six of the beagles.  Working with our Intake Coordinator, Beth Kishbaugh, the beagles were brought to our partner vet clinic. Beth worked with the vet staff to get the six beagles checked in to start their medical examinations and treatments.  Due to the extreme conditions these dogs had been kept in, they had a lot of medical issues.  Sam and George then went back to the property to trap the remaining beagles.  In total, twelve beagles were safely rescued from that property.  HBHR contacted Austin Hound Rescue   (Hound Rescue | Central Texas  )  and they graciously partnered with us to take six of the beagles into their foster program.  Many of the beagles have already been adopted into forever homes, but a couple are still with us until they are healthy enough for adoption.  These poor beagles have been through so much, but thanks to our Beagle Angels, Sam and George, and our generous donors, they will have a good chance for a wonderful life!  So yes, a fairy tale did come true for these lucky beagles!

We want to acknowledge the great work that this amazing couple, Sam and George, do.   They have dedicated their lives to helping animals and are truly our Beagle Angels.  If you would like to know more about their work, please go to

Just a few pics of the fairy tale rescue.  Stay tuned for “happily ever after” pictures soon!