Spotlight on Our Beagle Angels!

We want to spotlight some very special Angels around town.  Animal shelters and their dedicated shelter workers are not always acknowledged for the wonderful lifesaving work they do.  While we know every animal that ends up in a shelter is not able to be saved, these shelter workers go above and beyond to try to save as many as they can by working with their own in-house adoption programs and with local rescue organizations.

When one-year old Willard was brought into the City of Rosenberg Animal Shelter back in late March, he was a very scared and injured beagle.  As a stray, they didn’t know anything about how he had been injured but it was apparent his front left leg was an old injury and not repairable.  The shelter clinic decided amputation was best, especially for a young beagle boy like him.  The shelter workers knew he needed a lot of care and a quiet place to recover so they reached out to HBHR to ask that we take him into our foster program.  His foster mom says he has not let the lack of a fourth leg slow him down at all.  He goes in and out the doggie door.  He runs around the yard playing with his foster siblings.  He has even learned to climb stairs.  He will be ready for adoption soon!

The City of Houston shelter, BARC, works very hard to get dogs who match a specific breed rescue into those adoption programs.  They reach out to us when they have a beagle come into the shelter. We currently have one-year old Beauregard who came to us from BARC.  He had been adopted by a BARC volunteer when he first came to them as a stray, but unfortunately, the volunteer had a medical emergency and is no longer able to care for him.   The BARC staff immediately reached out to HBHR to ask us to take him into our program.  This healthy young boy is ready for adoption now!

The Harris County Shelter just asked us to take a very senior boy, Bagwell, last week.  He was so scared in the shelter that they felt they had to get him into a foster home as soon as possible.  He required some medical and dental care after he came to HBHR, and he already has a family waiting to adopt him when he recovers.

We have many more stories like these where local shelters have worked with us to save beagles.  We want to send a shout out to these wonderful folks who spend their days toiling in difficult situations trying to provide the best care they can with limited resources to these lost and abandoned pets. Please consider donating your time by volunteering at your local shelter to help these shelter Angels and the animals they care for every day.

Willard, 1 year old male


Beauregard, 1 year old


Bagwell, 13 years old