Virtual Dog Show Winners!

Thank you to all who posted their beagle’s photos for our Virtual Dog Show on Facebook.  We had a blast seeing them all!  Below are the winners.  All of these winners will be included in a Best of Show calendar for 2022.  Check out our online store in November for more details!

Best Kissers

1st Place – Betsy

2nd Place – Lilo and Stitch

Laziest Beagles

1st Place – Charlie

2nd Place – Huxley

Best Smiles

1st Place – Leia

2nd Place – Flash

Crazy Beagle Antics

1st Place – Springer

2nd Place – Calvin

Longest Ears

1st Place – Annabelle

2nd Place – Kloe

Golden Oldies

1st Place – Cooper

2nd Place – Bach with Grandma

Best of Show

Best of Show – Leon