First of all, are you sure you want to give up your Beagle? People give up their dogs for many, many reasons, but sometimes there are solutions such as training and education. Please ask us for help in making that decision. We can sometimes assist with medical care, for example, or temporary shelter in an emergency.

Our main focus is on the shelter dogs, who are slated for euthanasia. However, we do frequently take owner-released dogs into our foster care, as well. We require that you legally surrender the dog to us, so that we can address any problems before seeking a new home. We will carefully screen potential adopters to find a great new home for the dog, once any issues have been corrected.

Please, do not advertise your pet “free to a good home.” This will rarely result in finding an appropriate home for your beagle and might even result in sending the dog off to some very unscrupulous people.

HBHR does not post a dog as available for adoption unless/until the dog is spayed or neutered. We will gladly arrange for the surgery and will PAY FOR IT while awaiting space in a foster home which may not be available immediately. If you can take the dog to one of our approved vet clinics, we are happy to arrange the spay/neuter, for free — even if you later decide to keep the dog. A dog which has been altered is a healthier and better pet!

Due to limited foster space, we are usually unable to take in a new dog on just a day’s notice, but typically can within a week or two. We do not have a shelter facility, but rather we rely on foster homes to care for the dogs until adoption. We appreciate your patience and understanding in holding onto the dog until we can arrange everything.

If the situation is urgent, we may arrange for boarding until a foster home opens up. Of course, a donation to our organization is always very helpful because we typically need to provide some vet care before adoption. However, a donation is certainly not required.