This page is dedicated to all the Beagles and Hounds that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Sissy loved basking in the sun by the pool and scouting the yard. Like all beagles, she LOVED her treats and mealtime. Every Sunday her daddy would cook her and her beagle sister, Izzy, fresh eggs for breakfast. She loved to wait patiently on her chair (or her Daddy’s chair) until she heard her bowl clanging, and only then would she come running. She was the most patient and sweet little girl that we could have ever asked for. Life will never be the same without her and although I am happy she is running free, I write this with a heavy heart and want you to know that Sissy was loved so very much.

Love and miss you so much – Mom, Dad, Jay, Jordan & beagle sister, Izzy

Angel was loved and what a blessing she was to this family. We are celebrating her life and mourning her at the same time.

12/14/2008 – 4/11/2018
On Wednesday, April 11, 2018, our beloved beagle, Cookie, crossed into Rainbow Bridge.
We made the 3 hour drive to Houston to adopt a beagle from HBHR on December 14, 2008. Cookie became a member of our family that day. She was approximately 3 years old. We brought Cookie to her new home in the Texas hill country. There she saw wildlife she hadn’t seen before- deer, fawns, raccoons, and squirrels. Oh those squirrels, they played havoc with her every day in her beagle proof yard. No one entered into Cookie’s yard. As Cookie got older, she became a talker. Her short barks reminded us it was dinner or treat time. She loved her long daily walks, treats, belly rubs and lots of pillows. We had 10 wonderful years with Cookie with lots of memories and beagle kisses. She was such a good dog! We know that she is no longer in pain and has met our other beagles, Winchester, Pepper and Ranger at Rainbow Bridge.

Cookie, we love you and miss you so very much. You will always be in our hearts.

The Rodriguez Family

Jeri was our third foster failure. When her first adoption didn’t work out we just could not give her up a second time. She had been a puppy mill mom who had lived in terrible conditions but that could not kill her sweet nature. We are heartbroken that we could only give her 2 years of the good life before cancer took her. She will be in our hearts forever.

Our precious Billy boy made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, August 3, 2018, after spending nine loving years with our family. We are grateful to HBHR for giving us the most adorable, faithful, goofy, little beagle guy we could have ever imagined. We cherish each moment spent with him, and were unprepared for his sudden passing. We pray and do believe that his suffering was brief, and that God will allow us to spend happy times with him once again in glory. Billy was an easy little fellow, loving everyone he met, but in particular our family. Billy, you’ll always be our Monkey Man, Sandwich, Little Man, Buddy Boy. We miss hugging and kissing you, and having your little bum cozied up against us in your goofy little way. Until we see you again, Samwich, we love you always!

Our precious girl, Becky, left us on September 14, 2018. She was a fighter who, despite her lifelong heart issues, made it longer than most other beagles and surprised all of us by her strength. She was so very loved by our family and everyone who met her. We were lucky to have her for 9 wonderful years and will dearly miss her presence in our family. We will all miss her distinct personality, her love of cuddling, and our daily walks with her. We will remember her overwhelming excitement the day we took her home, how she would try to sit in the driver’s seat on car rides, and how excited she would be to sniff something. We love you so much, Becky. Rest well.

With a very heavy heart, Alfie has crossed the rainbow bridge today. Alfie filled our family with his big personality and typical beagle antics. He will be missed every single day. He left a VERY special paw print in our heart. We can’t thank you enough for bringing this sweet precious baby into our lives.

Baxter crossed over Feb. 25,2019 after living with diabetes, blindness, hip dysplasia and finally pancreatitis . We rescued him from a home where he was left tied up at 6 months old. He was with us for a little over 11 yrs. We are heartbroken that his little body couldn’t fight this horrible disease any longer. He will be terribly missed. He was a good boy. He loved golf cart rides, walks and destroying the toys to get that evil squeaker out.

I adopted a beagle, Dora, from HBR in March 2006. In fact, Dora’s picture is still on the Happy Tails portion of your website. Dora spent 6+ years with me in Houston and then in 2012 I took a position where I was required to move to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. There was no way I could give Dora up and so I made arrangements to have her transported from Houston to Saudi Arabia. Dora lived with me here in Saudi Arabia for another 6 years. She passed away on April 27 after being diagnosed with cancer. For over 13 years this little beagle gave me so much. She was a significant part of my life and I’ll never forget her.

It is with both sadness and happiness that I must report that both of my HBHR dogs have crossed the bridge. April 15 I lost Millie. Millie was a beagle mix but pure beagle attitude. I volunteered with HBHR then moved to Maine in 2009. Millie and Casey learned it was cold, but wasn’t sniffing through the snow and playing in the falling leaves (or baying as they fell to the ground) fun. Am I sad absolutely, but Millie and Casey are now together again, sleeping together and also probably in a little trouble with their mischievous antics. Thanks HBHR for enriching my life with these two wonderful dogs. My home is awfully quiet now.

We adopted Bob August 2, 2004, at the age of 2 years old and he was 15 years old when he passed away. We will be forever grateful to HBHR for introducing us to our first Beagle family member. Caring for Bob was truly one of the greatest experiences and best decisions we’ve made in this life. It was life changing and we will be forever grateful for having the time we spent with him. The opportunity to bring him into our 5-generation family (at that time) resulted in him touching all our lives in a wonderful and amazing way that will never be forgotten. Bob was SUPER SMART, loving, sweet, wacky, interesting, a little stubborn and colorful; unlike any other breed or dog we’ve ever had in our family before him. Bob was very perceptive and understood looks or gestures without ever having to speak a word to him. We’ve never seen anything like it. There were certain words we had to spell when he was present to keep him from becoming overly excited. Bob was smarter and had a better understanding of the English language than some people we know. Bob was truly amazing; he will be missed tremendously and he will forever be in our hearts!!!

With a heavy heart, I must report that Maggie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday afternoon after a short battle with kidney and heart disease. I adopted Maggie in Spring 2018, and I have spent the past year and half trying to spoil her rotten. Pup patties, extra long walks, and snuggles have been the order of business for many months now. Maggie was a true beagle in every sense of the word. Her ability to sniff out long forgotten bones or crusty pizza slices on our walks kept me on my toes. Any plastic packaging meant potential snack time for her and therefore needed investigation. She knew no stranger, and everyone stopped to comment on her smile. My world is a little darker today, but I take solace in the knowledge that she is waiting on the other side of the rainbow bridge. When we rescue an animal, we don’t realize that we ourselves are being rescued. Animals teach us to love something greater than ourselves, and they unconditionally love us. I am a better human because of her.
For those would-be adopters, my advice is don’t shy away from the seniors. We enter into their lives at such a sweet time. They are in their twilight years, yes, but it does not diminish their capacity to love. They are often so grateful to have a warm bed and the company of their human that it makes the short time with them sweeter. To those fearless fosters, especially the Beck family, thank you for taking these precious souls into your homes for a little while. Without you, I would not have had the pleasure of adopting this sweet girl.

Thank you HBHR for giving me the pleasure of adopting Maggie. Please continue the good work, and I will see ya’ll later on down the road. And to Magpie, run free girlfriend. I’ll be a little ways behind.

Words do not express the loss, Nina was always the little princess and brought such joy to myself and my wife. Whe was very much loved by all that met her and was a favorite for Dr. Wise, our vet. We would often be stopped during our walks by people we meet and even those driving by commenting on how cute and sweet she was.

I wanted to let you know that Butters (formerly Sandy) passed away last night (1/19/20). I adopted her from HBHR on 6/24/07. I loved her tremendously.

We adopted Hershey in 2015, when she was about 8 years old. She had been in foster care for a long time and initially seemed somewhat cantankerous and set in her ways. However, once the reserve cracked a bit, we found she was a sweet, loving, adventurous soul who had only built up a bit of an edge to guard against life’s disappointments. She loved belly rubs and lounging in the sun, and she was an avid trekker, eagerly walking several miles with us every morning, rain or shine. We loved her howls of anticipation at “supper time” and the way she would totally “clock out” at 7pm each evening. She was a joy and it seems more than a little unfair, to her and to us, that we only had her five years. Sweet dreams, little girl!

We lost our beloved Daisy on 4/29/20. Her passing was quite sudden; she went into distress, and we were rushing her to the vet when she died in my arms. I’m heartbroken. This photo of her was taken less than a week earlier. Life is good when you can nap in the sun and know you’re loved.

With great sadness, we must report that Belize crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on July 17th after a short battle with kidney disease. We adopted Belize in March of 2006. We are very grateful for the 14 years she was in our lives. Thank you HBHR for giving us the happiness of having Belize. Belize, we will remember you forever. You will always be in our hearts.
The Perez Family

We adopted Molly in November 2006 from Houston Beagle Rescue, she was one year old. We knew when we first met her that she was meant to be in our family. Unfortunately, Molly passed away on 9/11/2020 at age 15. It was a quick downturn for her, just a week of being sick. We were told that her situation was terminal and it was time to let her go. Molly was such a sweet and loving family dog, she loved being around us, slept near us always, loved going on walks where she could sniff everything. She always greeted us with a happy tail and a sweet smile! Everyone who met her loved her and loved petting her and she loved that! When we went outside to work in the yard she always wanted to be out there with us. She would stay in the yard enjoying the sunshine without wandering off. She is missed so very much, she will be in our hearts forever. We know that she is in a better place now and is in good hands with Grandma who is feeding her lots of dog bones.
We love you Molly, we look forward to when we will be together again.

My son and I adopted Mooshy from HBHR when he was 4. It is with great sadness that he passed yesterday at almost 15yrs old. He brought such joy to so many people. He was also known for being the cat whisperer…he had 3 cat brothers. Always a gentle, sweet boy. I am blessed and thankful we shared so many years together.

We adopted Sandy from HBHR in 2012 and she was our best friend ever since. She came from bad circumstances and was once close to euthanasia in a shelter, but she was such a sweetheart that she commanded our love. She lived the way she ate: with gusto and delight! The indignities and tribulations of advancing age never dimmed her beautiful spirit. We miss her very much.

On March 29, I had to let Sully go. When I came to the adoption event, I had another dog in mind. I sat on the floor of the pet store and this beautiful blonde beagle sat herself in my lap and it was love at first sight. She’s been with me the last 12 years, multiple new residences, the birth of a baby, and I was with her for her last breath. Thank you for bringing her to my life. I’m forever grateful.

We had to say goodbye to our sweet 14 yr old Lola. We were at the end of a 6 month journey of trying to get her cancer under control. Though she was not a HBHR alum we have Jax and Ellie who are. A friend called me who found her running around downtown Houston and we took her right away after searching for her owner. We made this donation in her memory. We will miss her so very much

On Tuesday June 16, 2021, our beloved Hannah (formerly Seneca), passed-away from kidney failure. She was the smartest, tummy rubbing loving, greediest beagle we were so fortunate to love. It literally took one lick when the HBHR foster mom brought her to our home for us to determine she was the one for us.  Since then, for 10 years, we have had some fantastic memories (a 30 lb bag of food in Amazon box dragged across the floor bitten into, to head stuck in lid of kibble container, to managing to bite the lid off a jar of Skippy peanut-butter). But her day to day food dance will be the one thing most missed and eagerness to be everyone’s friend. She will always be our “banana” “nana” and we and her adopted hound brother Cobden, and cat brother Mr. Foto will forever have a branded spot on our hearts for her. We miss you baby girl!!

The Rosthorns

As most of you know, I adopted precious Molly from HBHR October 20, 2012 (pic from her “Gotcha Day” attached) and my life was forever changed. She immediately had my heart!

Last month, sweet beagle face was diagnosed with oral fibrosarcoma. Since the tumor was across the roof of her mouth, it could not be surgically removed. It was aggressive and there was nothing we could do but manage her symptoms, keep her comfortable and continue to spoil her and let her live her best life.

We prayed Molly would not be in pain or suffer and that we would know when it was time to say goodbye. Yesterday afternoon, Molly let me know. I contacted Lap of Love and Jim and I threw a small party for her in our living room last night consisting of filet, cheese and soft served ice cream in the company of her grandparents and a couple of wonderful neighbor friends who loved her. She was so happy with the attention and the goodies and was eating filet out of Jim’s hand as the sedative kicked in. She fell asleep peacefully in my arms.

Our hearts are broken and we already miss her terribly. However, I am at peace and full of gratitude – thanking God for the incredible life we had with her and all of the joy she brought to our lives. She went peacefully knowing how much she was loved and adored.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  She was a blessing,


I adopted Barney from you in January 2020. Today he was put to sleep.  He had always had a little cough. Apparently it was lung cancer.  I’m very grateful to have been able to spend the last 2 years with him. He was a great snuggle buddy. He liked to sleep under the covers at night. He always brought one of his many stuffed toys when we went for a walk. He enjoyed barking at the dog that lives behind us.



Lexie wasn’t my first beagle and she probably won’t be my last. But she will always hold a special place in my heart. She lost her long battle with cancer on February 22nd, 2022. I adopted Lexie during a time when we were both young and starting out. She was my steadfast companion through everything. She saw my wife and I marry and was lucky enough to meet our son before her passing. I know Lexie loved kids, mainly because they drop food 😊. She was so sweet to everyone she met. I know she’s in a better place now and I can’t wait till I can hug her again.


I adopted Maggie Moo, an adult beagle/basset six months after my husband of 53 years passed away. I did not rescue her. She rescued me. I could not have had a more loyal, sweet and loving companion. We were inseparable. When she developed a cancerous tumor after only two years, I was devastated. Maggie crossed Rainbow Bridge on September 14, 2022. What a blessing she was to me! I am so grateful to have had her in my life. I miss her terribly, and she will always have a special place in my heart.

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the peaceful death of our beloved fur daughter Fredda Marie Madole. She crossed the rainbow bridge at Meyerland Animal Clinic on April 29, 2018, due to extreme health problems, including irregular heart beat and severe renal failure. She was a great pet and companion for the almost seven years that she was with us after we adopted her on July 14, 2011. Fredda is survived by Mother and Father Nikki and Kevin. She was cremated and returned home were she will remain at rest.

Our sweet, beautiful, happy, gentle Mini Chunk has gone to the Rainbow Bridge after a 5- month battle with anal gland carcinoma — a rare and very aggressive form of canine cancer. Our hearts are broken. She was so brave and stoic, and made the best of every precious day she lived. In her nearly 4 years with us since we rescued her from the CAP shelter (13 lbs overweight and needing treatment for heartworms), she gave us love and laughter every day, and lots of help with training the foster beagles. Her favorite activities were walking in the park, riding in the van, and hanging out with the grandchildren. A well-traveled beagle, she crossed the USA with us, from California to Georgia. Texas venues included Austin, Big Bend, Corsicana, Dallas, Galveston, Fort Stockton, and hundreds of local stops for burgers and fries, puppy lattes at Starbucks, and treats where ever they were offered, such as pet stores and even the banks. Mini loved everyone, and she had a lot of friends, both human and canine…but sorry to say, not so popular with cats! We miss her so much.

Gigi Chanel Urbach (formerly Eva) crossed the rainbow bridge on Monday, August 6, 2018 at 3:55pm at the young age of 12 years old due to a ruptured gallbladder. I adopted Gigi in September of 2006 at 4 months old. I had always had male dogs and currently had a 2 year old beagle boy, Tobi. When I saw her profile on Petfinder I just couldn’t resist that sweet face. I wanted a princess girl pup BUT Gigi was ALL tomboy!! She loved being in the backyard patrolling, chasing lizards or any other critter she could find even if she had to dig to find it. She was a true beagle and loved chicken or ground beef and rice – she was obsessed with her treats and knew exactly where her treat cabinet was and would let you know when she thought it was time she have some. She was the perfect travel buddy and LOVED going on car rides. We were blessed to go on many adventures together including road trips to Missouri at Christmas to visit her Grandpa, week long stays at the beach house where she loved to chase the birds and nap on her cot on the house deck with the ocean breeze or even if it was just a quick trip to the gas station or Sonic. BUT Gigi’s most favorite thing was just to be with me – she was my everything and I was her everything. She was my Velcro pup, my shadow, my sidekick, my heart. I would always ask her if she was mommy’s heart and I always got the of course “YES” head tilt.
RIP my sweet brown eyed girl – Mommy will meet you at the bridge one day!

My handsome and darling little Eno passed on September 12th. He had the sweetest soul and pretty much every human, dog, and cat that came in contact with him loved him. We have been inseparable best friends and I am so lucky to have had him for 13 years! Please always adopt and give these amazing animals the love they deserve!

Sissy loved basking in the sun by the pool and scouting the yard. Like all beagles, she LOVED her treats and mealtime. Every Sunday her daddy would cook her and her beagle sister, Izzy, fresh eggs for breakfast. She loved to wait patiently on her chair (or her Daddy’s chair) until she heard her bowl clanging, and only then would she come running. She was the most patient and sweet little girl that we could have ever asked for. Life will never be the same without her and although I am happy she is running free, I write this with a heavy heart and want you to know that Sissy was loved so very much.
Love and miss you so much – Mom, Dad, Jay, Jordan & beagle sister, Izzy

Our sweet Duke passed away this past Wednesday, Jan 9. He had been ill for several months. We are all very sad. Snoopy is very lonely, but getting extra love. Thank you for letting us give Duke a forever home, Dec 2, 2007. He was such a sweet loving spirit and enjoyed moving to Michigan to play in snow. He leaves a huge void in our lives.

Hallie (formerly Brownie) went to the Rainbow Bridge last Friday afternoon. She got very ill, very quickly from an apparent rupture of a mass below her heart. Our vet worked diligently to determine the cause of her quick decline but it was not treatable. We loved and comforted her as she passed. Since adopting her in 2008 she had been the best little beagle ever. At 15+ she had a very good life and knew she was loved.Having been a loving part of our family for so long, our hearts ache for her presence.

It is with both sadness and happiness that I must report that both of my HBHR dogs have crossed the bridge. Five years ago I lost Casey. Casey was sweet, and always appeared to be so sweet, you thought Millie was to blame for chewing through cat food, knocking trash cans over etc., but the food on her face was what gave it away. Am I sad absolutely, but Casey and Millie are now together again, sleeping together and also probably in a little trouble with their mischievous antics. Thanks HBHR for enriching my life with these two wonderful dogs. My home is awfully quiet now.

She came into my life in 2012 as my foster. She was far from being my first beagle and wasn’t even my first ‘Foster Fail’, but she was one of a kind. She stole my heart that first day and I knew as I cared for her after the surgery on her neck that she would never leave. I will remember her impatient howl as she waited to be fed and I will feel the pouncing on my feet when I was taking too long for the rest of my life. She could fall asleep in the blink of an eye, anywhere, anytime so was called Road Kill by volunteers at HBHR events! Most of all, I miss her snoring. For a 20-pound girl, she could rattle the roof! She will always be “My Fawn”.

It is with great sadness I am reporting the sudden passing of Susie, our Little Captain. She had a heart murmur that progressively got worse and when a tumor on her spleen suddenly burst, she was gently allowed to pass over the bridge. We adopted her from Houston Beagle Rescue in July of 2013 when she was about 5 years old. She was such a good baby and so very much loved. She once went after a poisonous snake, got bit and survived. Her buddy, Chloe, is missing her, as are we. She loved her treats and eating was one of her joys along with walks with lots of stops for sniffing. There is a great void right now in our hearts. She was one in a million and we thank Houston Beagle Rescue for matching us up. Rest In Peace Susie, until we all meet again over the bridge.
The Bloom family

Abby Williams, 2010-2019
Abby adopted us 7 years ago and we’re so glad she did! While she was a very petite 2 year old beagle when she came to live with us, we quickly found out she was really a “Rottweiler” in beagle clothing and was definitely the Alpha diva in our pack. She actually kept her petite girlish figure throughout her life because unlike most beagles, she was a very picky eater. She always had to carefully inspect every treat I ever gave her but would eat any trash she found out on the street when we were walking if she got the chance. She wasn’t very happy with my decision to start fostering other beagles several years ago, but she would tolerate them as long as they knew their place, which meant nowhere near her! She watched them come and go with casual indifference. The only dog she ever really liked to hang with was our Toby. He was the other beagle in residence when Abby moved in. They did everything together, especially bark at anything that moved within the next three counties. She had to take over most of the barking chores when Toby left us in 2017. She loved to let all the neighbors know it was her street and the rule was that she got to bark anytime/every time they dared to go down HER street. She was tough, funny, lovable, and like all beagles, a world explorer. We are better humans for having had her in our lives and we will miss her tremendously! Go our sweet, precious girl…go find Toby!!

I adopted Phoebe on September 11, 2010. I wanted to report that Phoebe, now known as Chelsea, has gone to heaven yesterday, January 6th. She lived a great life but had congestive heart failure and cushings. We had her on meds for over 3 years and she is no longer suffering. She was the most loving dog and I thank you for allowing me to give her a home. She will be greatly missed.

Just wanted you to know we lost Indy to cancer on Tuesday. He was diagnosed in January and he went pretty fast. Rhonda and I were able to hold him and love him as he passed. He is absolutely the best dog in the world and we are sorely missing him. He’s been with us since 2008 and there will never be another one like him. Thank you so much for pointing us toward him back then. We didn’t rescue him, he rescued us…

We fell in love with our 8 year old special needs girl the minute we saw her. She has been such a big part of our life. We have taken her on many road trips to the beach, the mountains and everywhere in between. Maggie and our young Schnauzer mix, Abel, were the best of buddies. We will miss her Beyond words can express! Thank you for all you do at the Houston Beagle Rescue.

We lost our sweet Charlie who came to live with us in 2017. He was a foster failure who probably had a tough time in his previous life because he was so timid, scared of any loud noises and quick movements in the beginning. Over time, he gained confidence and settled in with his beagle girls pack. He loved to snuggle up with his humans anytime and his beagle girls when they would let him. He was all beagle in the food department and loved nothing better than his Sunday morning biscuit with jelly, of course. He wasn’t a typical beagle escape artist for most of the time he was with us, but he did get out of the yard early on when he followed one of the foster beagles who dug her way out. Someone called to let us know they had been found several miles away, but by the time we drove over, Charlie had managed to escape again. We looked and looked for him, but he was gone. Finally with very sad hearts, we drove back home wondering if we’d ever see him again. When I opened the door to the house, there was Charlie! He had found his way home, back through the hole he had escaped through earlier and was waiting for us with that beagle grin on his face. That was my Charlie and he will be greatly missed!

It has been a year and a half since we lost Cisco and I just haven’t had the resolution to do the write up about him being gone. He was our first foster fail arriving in August 2011 and leaving us in December 2018. When I feed the dogs I still expect to see him in his spot doing the Cisco dance. Super handsome and personality plus. We miss him daily and will until we meet again.

Belle came into our life on 12/26/2010 . She was the most beautiful beagle I had ever seen and we were immediately and completely devoted to her. To this day, we cannot understand why she was abandoned by a previous owner. She was the best! Belle gave us unconditional love for almost exactly 10 years. While living in Houston, we walked her daily and she exhibited her strong will. We laughed at her pulling sideways on the leash to get further off into the ditches, like a “sidewinder.” A couple of years later we moved to rural north Arkansas where she ran with glee along the road sniffing for rabbits and deer that lived around us. I trusted her and she never let me get out of her sight. Belle would sniff intently, stop and look up to see where I was, and then zoom back to me. In 2014 we moved to Huntsville, Alabama where she had great fun chasing the chipmunks in our back yard. Belle was a stickler for the rules. If one of our other dogs got out of our fenced yard, she would tell on them by “aroooing” to us. Amazingly, she would never follow them. Belle would let us know, too, if she didn’t like us to leave her at home by tearing up paper and plastic shopping bags. Belle would often greet me by lifting her front paws up and balancing on her butt and rear legs like a penguin to ask for a belly rub. She gave lots of gentle kisses and she was a great snuggler in the bed. Belle was strong right up until the last week of her life. We had been planning to celebrate her 10th “birthday” with us but she suddenly developed very aggressive pneumonia or lung cancer and we had to send her across the rainbow bridge on December 5, 2020. We are absolutely devastated. Her ashes will be with me forever.

I wanted to let you know that the beagle we adopted from you in January 2008 has passed away. Her name when we adopted her was Danica but we renamed her Agent 99. She was the life of our house along with her sister, Maddie who passed away 3 weeks ago. 99 was persnickety, headstrong and loved to play. There wasn’t a blade of grass she didn’t sniff and a cat she didn’t try to chase. She brought tremendous joy to us and we will miss her terribly. 99 epitomized the saying “the walk is never long enough”.

I’m writing with a broke heart to let you know that Emma lost her sis and I lost my loyal shadow Tuesday morning in its wee hours. Annie passed at Gulf Coast Veterinary Services under heavy sedation. We are devasted. Now my loyal Annie Fannie Paxk as I called her is running free and rolling in the beautiful fields across the rainbow bridge. During her delight of walks she was known to test the quality of almost everyone’s lawn with rolls that typically took 1-2 minutes. Our walks lasted a long time. As I walked Emma this evening I visualized Annie almost smiling as she rolled around in her favorite yards. Crazy girl! Have fun my sweet, thank you from both of us for your warmth and love of life. Your eight years were far too short. We will always love you.

Benny came into our lives on June 30, 2004. It was love at first sight for us both.
He became a wonderful pet for all of his 17 years. He loved all of our 6 grandchildren who began arriving in 2006. He was always gentle with each of them.

He was very smart too. He could push open any door if it had a lever handle by using two paws and pulling down on the lever. He would always come into our house that way or surprise guests sleeping in their bed by opening their bedroom door and jumping into bed with them!

He loved to eat anything and was always on the hunt for food with his keen beagle nose. He loved to lick the dishes in the dishwasher and did so right up until the night before he died.

He was always happy to walk for as long as he could. Towards the end of his life, he developed arthritis and a limp, but that didn’t deter his desire to walk twice a day. He always loved to sniff along the trail in a relentless search for food.

He gave us great joy for all of his life. We miss him and his presence. Our lives revolved around him and his needs for 17 years. The vet said to me last year that every day we had him was a “blessing”. That was very true. He was our 3rd beagle. They are very special animals, full of mischief, personality and love. We are so glad we had him as our friend for all of those years.

Caramel, our beloved beagle, is now free to roam beyond the fence, where all the rabbits and other clearly tasty things lay. She battled kidney failure for as long as she could. James and Nicole and I are forever grateful she and her sister chose us to be their furever home in September 2008, when they were about 1 1/2 years old. Caramel was my faithful companion in any room of the house, content to be near and napping at the ready. Eating tasty things (not all sanctioned – like cheesecake (quite the story), Halloween candy (must be stored in a locked vault), SO many bites of dinner left however briefly unattended, and (wait for it)….horse poop. I know.) was one of her chief joys. She loved running free in the fields, finding smells to follow and imagine. Caramel was always up for running with the kids, bringing happiness with her bouncy nature. She was joy – embodied. Now she will remain in our hearts as memories of joy. Thank you Caramel for loving us.

With heavy hearts, I regret to share our beloved Beagle Tikuy passed away this past Wednesday 18 August 2021. After 8 years in our lives, last month of July he was diagnosed with kidney disease. He was with us for a little more time, under home therapy, but his condition worsened, until the time to let him return in peace to his Creator. In 2013 he came to us depressed, from whatever he had lived thru. Did not take him long to adopt us as his family, with many years enjoying his company, love and fun times. He lived a happy life, made us happy, made us feel good so much. Enjoyed sofa naps when left alone. We are thankful for his love and company, and he will live forever in our hearts.

The Cachutt Arizaleta family


We said goodbye to our sweet Heather today. She came to live with us in 2015 as a 7 year old foster. When her adoption with another family didn’t work out, we decided to adopt her later that year. She was the most stubborn beagle I’ve encountered which is saying a lot. She had an big attitude and when she didn’t get her way, she would bark at me until I usually give in. Even in the last few weeks when we went out for her 20’ walk, if I didn’t go the direction she wanted, she would just plop down on the sidewalk and not move until I walked the direction she wanted. She was not a cuddly girl. We said she was “cuddle-adjacent”. She always wanted to be near us and would follow us room to room, but she didn’t want to be held or cuddled. She loved belly rubs though, and would flop on her back when we walked by to give us a hint, it was time for a belly rub. She was well-traveled girl, making many trips between Texas, Upstate NY and Colorado. She loved walking on the beach and could find a dropped food wrapper anywhere from Surfside to San Luis Pass. She learned to tolerate the snow and loved sunbathing by the pool. She was the queen of her pack, and while she was willing to share her home with the other beagles, she didn’t feel the need to interact with them much. She never met a stranger and would introduce herself to every human she could at the dog park. Ms. Heather traveled to the beat of her own drum. We so loved her and she will be truly missed!


Over the years Junebug was adopted three times only to be returned each time. She was a master escape artist! At that point we (her foster family) decided that Junebug was ours forever! We loved her so much and she brought such joy to us. She really helped us through the isolation of covid. She was so good and so strong through her many medical disasters. She lived a wonderful life and even near the end, when she was not feeling good, she never lost her love of going for walks, car rides or following her humans from room to room. It is so sad here without her. Run free, sweet Junebug!

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