The Dude (formerly Alex)
We adopted The Dude (y’all called him Alex) from HBHR last August. God bless you for rescuing him! He is a delight–especially his goofy smile. He loves and respects Rufus (the terrier mix), and is the happiest, gentlest, most enthusiastic dog ever. He is polite on his leash and loves to sleep in his crate. If we wake him up “too early” he goes out to the backyard, comes and eats breakfast, and then puts himself back to bed.

When he’s really happy, he “flies” around the room. He has settled down beautifully, although he was pretty anxious for a few months, and he still follows me around like a two-year-old. You can tell from this photo that dignity is not his strong suit. He’s learned to sit, down, and wait, because he loves doggie cookies and will do almost anything for one! The vet gave him a clean bill of health, and we are looking forward to being his family for many more years.