Hi Greg (foster dad)

I just wanted to let you know how my two weeks stay at my new home is going. WOW I have a home where my parents can keep up with me (sometimes they wear me out). We got a routine down. Every morning we go outside and run around and practice retrieving the frisbee and dropping (this is when I get a treat). Then mom and dad go off to work and I get rested up in my crate and wait for the evening. This is where it’s really fun.

Mom and I go for a 1 hour walk (I’m helping her lose weight) every day. Sometimes we will even run 1 mile. Even if we go out to dinner I get to go! We go to restaurants that have patios so I can eat with the family. Then we usually end up walking around all the other shops and we always get stopped by the other people walking by wanted to pet me (I’m so irresistible). We stop at Starbucks where dad and I have a sit in the chairs (I get my own chair) and wait for mom to drink her coffee. When we go back home we still go out back and play some more.

We went to the lake last weekend. Double WOW!!! I met so many friends and can’t wait to go back this weekend. I went for a ride on the Seadoo’s and the boat (don’t worry I wear a life jacket at all times). This is so much fun!!!

Mom has even let me sleep on the bed at night. She said I’m a very good boy and do not move around a lot.

Well I’m very happy in my new home (but I miss you too). I’ll stay in touch.


PS: Below is a letter from my mom

Alfie has been a GREAT addition to our family. He has been super easy to work with. We are going to take
him in for some additional (advance) obedience training. I know he will do very well at this due to the fact that he catches on very easy. I will send you some pictures of Alfie at the lake.

Thanks again for bring Alfie to us.