Allie is now the size of a small horse. She gained at least 10 lbs the first month she was here and she probably has gained more than that as of now. As you can see she’s enjoying another one of her favorite pastimes of chewing on a beef knuckle bone. The past couple of weeks has been very trying. She’s discovered another favorite pastime of barking up a tree. Our tree that she will sit out underneath for hours and just bark until you’d think she should go hoarse, or faint. However, she’s very well nourished apparently and has great stamina. I’m not sure the neighbors are happy with me, but she sleeps in the house during noise ordinance hours so there’s not much they can do.

She is spoiled and gets to come/go as she pleases. She loves to chase the birds and squirrels. When it’s daylight I’ll take a picture of the tree in my back yard for you to see how high she can jump up it and take bark off. It’s hard to believe. But I did read that her breed has been known to climb a tree to get the coon that they trapped.

Her coat is just gorgeous and shiny because I continue to feed her the Nutro puppy large breed controlled growth formula. She hardly has any pink spots left – nothing like before. They’re practically gone. The kids just adore her and love running with her outside. And of course she loves to chase them. I filmed her during one of her spastic moments about a week ago. Seems about bedtime she like to spend her last little bit of energy and go running through the house like a wild banshee about every night. She will get up on my bed and start turning circles and flips in the air till she almost throws herself off the bed. Then she’ll stop, get down on her elbows and stick her butt in the air. We’ll just stare her down till she can’t stand it and she’ll lunge at one of us and try to play bite us. (kids are actually running up/down the hall with her right now. She’ll stop when they turn to look at her and get on her elbows and then put her booty in the air till someone makes a move. HILARIOUS!