Hi, my name is Ally (formerly Sarah) and here is my story. I was out on the streets when a nice girl named Sarah rescued me and brought me to the vet where she worked. The vet wanted to call animal control but Sarah wanted to sponsor the cost of my vetting and try to find a safe home for me. Luckily, she called the nice volunteers at Houston Beagle & Hound Rescue (HBHR). HBHR found a GREAT home for me! My dad works on a yacht in Galveston and he takes me with him sometimes. I get to go on the boat and greet all the nice people. I get lots of petting and all the kids love me! When I’m not at work with my dad, I stay home and I have run of their entire house!!! It’s lots of fun. Sometimes I do get into trouble, but I’m a dog, what can I say:) My new parents love me so much and people have asked them where they got such a nice dog. My dad always tells them HBHR. You see, I told my dad how horrible it is in the shelter and how many more of my beagle friends need to be rescued. They are all nice beagles like me looking for forever homes. Thank you Sarah and HBHR!!!!