Angie’s forever family wrote: “Tom and I could not love her more. Angie will be one SPOILED pooch!! I am already busy planning her 3rd birthday party. I have plans on having all of our friends pups over for doggie treats, bandannas, and terriorizing the whole house. Each day Angie has a new visitor stopping by to meet her! So far she has gotten a book, calendar and a gift card for that cute little sweater she was eyeing at petsmart the other day. You should see her get all excited to go on her walkies…she is now starting to jump around and chase toys! She has a stuffed mouse that sleeps with her during the day..:oP I am very proud that she is settling so well. She has even got the idea that the bed and sofa are all hers now..LOL!”

Well, I want to thank you for all the information on her past life. My heart just bleeds for her when I think about the pain she must have gone through. It makes me love her even more. Now all she has to worry about is how many times we will rub her belly in one day.

My hat is off to each of you for opening your hearts and home for all these pooches. Thanks for helping us find Angie. Wayne”

Wayne also wrote this adorable story about Angie’s first day at her new home:

Angie Wagswell, B.I (beagle investigator) relocates her detective agency, Hound Dog Inc. into the heart of Montrose Texas.

Ms. Wagswell is quickly adapting to her new surroundings. Her new office located on the ground floor of an exceptional townhouse, looks out into a quaint private courtyard. When asked what she thought about her new room with a view, she replied simply, “Roooooowwwl”.

While Angie was relaxing in her courtyard taking in the view and aquatinting herself with her two new office assistants, Tom and Wayne, she dictated a shopping list, “Ruff, ruff, rowl, roooooowl, rooooowwwl!” she exclaimed. It takes a lot of office supplies to run a successful business these days.

As Ms. Wagswell’s new office was being decorated she was kept a watchful eye making sure that her design plan was executed to her discriminating taste.

Once the office was situated it was time for Angie to put her nose to the ground and sniff out new clients in her neighborhood. So far she has been tracking many leads. The yellow brick house at the end of the block has a unique smell on their lawn and she is determined to find out just what it is.

Angie realizes that it can’t always be about work. So she enjoys getting outside where she sniffs the fallen figs on the ground. It reminds her of her first assignment back in detective school. Then back inside for a snack and a good game of “Kong”.

Though her new location will not be open for business for two more weeks (Doctor’s order) Angie will keep herself busy training her office assistants, planning business meeting, sniffing out clients, organizing her birthday party and getting to know her staff: Lucas, Sophie, Bo, Sasha and Doc. Each of these talented canines runs their own satellite Hound Dog Inc. agencies in Montrose. Ms. Wagswell will be putting them all through some heavy training on sharpening their canine senses at the Hound Dog boot camp located in Galveston, Texas.

So the residents of Montrose can rest a bit easier knowing their neighborhood will be protected by one of the best noses around.