Nici (formerly Anise)
It’s been a little over a year since Nicippe (we call her Nici) joined our family. She’s wonderful and a sweet heart. In August, we found Nici a brother (Nestor) at a local animal shelter. Nestor (also a Greek name) is a Dachshund/Blue Heeler mix, and a perfect partner for Nici. They love to walk in the park, and we really think they watch-out for each other… When we start running, one will generally pull head, but they always look back for each other… they’ve even worked out their own system to untangle their leashes.

I attached a couple of pictures: One is from our freak Dallas snow day – we don’t think either dog had seen snow before, and the other is just the two of them enjoying each other’s company in the house.

Thanks for connecting us with such an important part of our family!

-Marleta and John