Remember Austin? He was the little guy who had been hit by a car and we had to amputate his front right leg. Well, he is doing GREAT now, according to his forever mom:

“I heard Austin’s beagle bark for the 1st time yesterday. I think he surprised himself, since he turned around and looked at me with this surprised look on his face. One of the cats in my neighborhood was teasing him, and he let loose. I burst out laughing, so he continued. Then later, at yappy hour, he heard folks on the other side of our fence, and he let loose again. The more we laughed, the more he howled. But, he does stop. I could not wait to tell you. I have been looking forward to his beagle bark. Will keep you posted.

“He actually knows how to tell time, and looks forward to his happy hour. Sunday we had happy hour, and a mid day happy hour. I got back from the country around noon Sunday, and saw his buddies at our “townhouse dog park”, so we joined them for an hour. He had a really good time in the country this weekend. That nose was always on the ground. The grass is getting high in the pasture, so we will need to wait until it is cut. We still have several acres to run around, that stays mowed. He does so well riding in the backseat of my car. He just settles in, and goes to sleep. Everyone is amazed how well he gets around, since he is running most of the time. I crack up watching him play with himself, throwing toys over his head, and chasing them. He has the most
beautiful eyes. It looks like he has permanent eye liner. I will have to take my camera to “happy hour” and get some pictures. Will keep sending you pictures and updates.”