To Mrs. Janet, Mrs. Kerstin Lynn, and all the other foster parents of the Houston Beagle Rescue;

Bailey is doing fantastic so far. He has been coping with change very well, and has had no accidents around the house. He is such a good puppy! The first night he did cry a little when it was time to go to sleep, but after a little while he stopped. Last night he was fine, and there was no crying at all. We found out that he is a stubborn puppy too, but only when he has to go in the crate when we leave. He is very well behaved, and acted perfectly when we took him to our grandparents house for father’s day, especially around all the hyper-active kids there. We have also taken him out for a walk everyday so far. Dad took him out last night and the day before I took him to Cullen park for a walk. On our walk he even sniffed out an armadillo in the bushes by the trail. Pretty cool! We also found out, like every other dog, that he loves to be scratched and rubbed. We found it adorable that if you just start scratching him, he will just “plop” on the ground and lay there for you to rub him. Everybody loves him, and he has taken to my father and I. So hopefully, when I leave to go back to college he wont be too sad because he will still have daddy. We want to thank Mrs. Janet for training him so well, and for letting us adopt your little boy. We are soo blessed to have him in our family now and he just a wonderful dog to have.