Bailey’s new family had this to say about him:

“Bailey is doing wonderful. He and Maizey are getting along wonderfully (although I think Maizey wants to play more than he does). He is a favorite at the vet and around the family, as he is much calmer than Maizey. He is still pretty shy, but comes when you call and LOVES to be walked. He is such a sweet dog, and we are so happy that you paired him with us. We couldn’t imagine our lives without him, as he licks us on the face when we’re sleeping to let him outside and he howls when we come home.

Maizey and Bailey have really connected. When it’s bath time, we take her first because she’s half his weight and pretty easy to bathe, but he waits outside the bathroom door and cries for her. She does the same thing – when we are playing if she thinks we are getting too rough for him, she barks and lets us know.

He FINALLY learned to eat doggie treats, and even does a little dance when he hears the doggie treat jar shake.

We are thinking about starting a family soon and have no qualms about the way Bailey will act around children.

Thank you again for giving us the chance to have more love in our lives!”

– Mike, Monique, Maizey and Bailey DeLeon.