Banjo (formerly Scout – SPCA/Animal Planet Beagle)
Once upon a time in a land not too far away lived a sweet dog named Banjo, who was once known as Scout. Banjo was held captive by a very bad guy in a cage outdoors with four of his Beagle friends. They had no food or water, and they became very thin and weak. Just in the nick of time, good guys came to their rescue and saved them from their sad demise. They were soon in the capable hands of the Houston Beagle & Hound Rescue, and brought back to glowing good health and happiness.

Banjo is now in his forever home and is surrounded by love and many kisses! Thanks to his foster mom Sandra, he is well adjusted, shiny, and happy, (with a cute little round belly)! He loves sniffing around the yard, going for walks to the park, and riding in the car to the dog park. He is very well behaved and loving, and his only fear seems to be thunderstorms. He shakes when one comes around, but lots of hugs and stroking his back calms him down.

Thanks, HBHR for your continued care and good work. People like you bring so many happy endings to otherwise tragic tales! Banjo very much appreciates you, and thanks to you he is now living happily ever after!!!

THE END (No, really a very happy beginning)!!!!!

Susan, Joe, and Banjo