Bart’s forever family said “We rescued Bart from Sandra approximately two years ago. He is a red beagle with green eyes. Per Sandra he was found in the Copperfield area and was scheduled to be put to sleep at the pound because he was heartworm postive. She happened to be at that location picking up another dog—she heard the distinctive “beagle” bark and it was him. Well, she brought him to Kingwood and completed his heartworm treatment and that is where we come in.

We had just lost our female beagle of 14 years. So we searched for some time on various beagle rescue sights and came to discover the Austin Hound Rescue Group and Sandra. We then adopted Bentley and changed his name to Bart.

When he came to us in Kingwood he weighed 18lbs—he is now a full-muscular 25 pounds. He is the most energetic beagle we have known–He rides with our son on bike rides, runs and jogs. He has completed obedience and agility training successfully. We hope to enroll him in the Bright and Beautiful Therapy dogs group to go along with our other successful rescue beagle (Hannah, from Bluebonnet Beagle Rescue).

We just wanted to pass this story on to your group—Sandra Kos and Jan Liang are well aware of his success. A dog who was so close to “death row” now lives the life of a King.