Beauregard, Beau or BoBo the Clown came to us in Feb,2004. He was supposed to be a foster, but…. long story short, he decided that he wasn’t going to leave. He quickly won our hearts with his goofy smile and silly ways.

Beau, it turns out, has the gift of therapy dog in him. In our foster work, we have gotten several beagles and hounds that were so scared, they didn’t even know how to be dogs. He has shown these dogs how to play and hold their heads up high.

He loves being a couch potato and playing with his siblings Wiley and Roana. His favorite spot to sleep is in bed, under the covers. He hasn’t met a snack that he doesn’t like and he’s very good at turning his ears off. When he is trying to convince you that he shouldn’t be in trouble, he will lay his head on your chest and look at you with his big “innocent” eyes.

A “game” that he loves is grabbing the pet towels from me when I take them out of the dryer. Or if I put them down on a chair and turn away, when I turn back, they will be all over the floor and he will be under them.

Although Beau has been to training, you wouldn’t know it, most of the time. We can’t imagine life with out him, he’s very much loved just the way he is.

Thanks to all who had a hand in saving him.