If any dog deserves to be on the happy tails portion of this website, it is Bella because she almost did not make it. After being hit by a car and left to die, she was given a second chance when a good Samaritan stopped to render aid. After lots of tender love and care by the veterinarians and her foster parents, she was ready to find her forever home. We had just lost our 17 year old beagle mix and we were ready to share our hearts and home with a new dog.

When we read Bella’s story on the HBHR website, we just knew we had to have her! She needed us as much as we needed her! It was love at first sight! She is a true beagle through and through, who LOVES food, walks, snuggling, socializing, belly rubs, car rides and did I mention FOOD. She is very devoted and takes pride in patrolling our property and sounding off with that adorable bay when anyone gets a little too close to her family. She keeps us laughing with all her pranks and has even earned the nick name of Dennis the Menace!

Bella loves the outdoors and her favorite activity is to hang out near the grill on the nights that we cookout. She is a graduate of obedience school and is a very smart dog with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Bella wakes each morning almost as if she knows that she was given a new lease on life, which serves as a gentle reminder to us that each day is a blessing and life is precious.

Thank you HBHR for allowing us the opportunity to provide for and love this amazing little beagle. She may be small in physical size, but to us she is larger than life!