The time was right for us to get another Beagle to join our previously HBHR adopted Hallie and Mac, our Cocker mix. I had been looking at the adoptable dogs off and on for months. Then I saw Bella’s picture and read her story. I knew I had found the right one. Although she was about 7 mos. old, we thought we could handle a puppy.

What a little character she is! She has brought so much joy and laughter to us. Her foster mom, and her previous pack, has trained her well. She is enthusiastic about showing us just how much she loves her new family. Bella has two fenced acres to run, dig and do the things that puppies do. And she has enticed our 11/12 yr. old Hallie to play! She, Hallie and Mac are very entertaining.

We can’t thank HBHR enough for the great work they do. And a special thank you to Bella’s foster mom for rescuing a starved, neglected puppy and nurturing her into a happy healthy little girl.

Janice and Glen