Belle doggie has just been wonderful. Aside from just being the most beautiful beagle I’ve laid eyes on, she is so well-behaved, notwithstanding some mischievousness. Oh, my, how has she grown in confidence! She loves to have her tummy rubbed, her ears cuddled and when she wants the attention, she really lets us know. We have spoiled her and Sweetpea.She and Sweetpea get along marvelously – never have spats. Even though Belle is quite a bit younger than Sweetpea and is still a puppy in some ways, Sweetpea has been completely tolerant and playful. However, I’m sure that at times she would prefer to have some peace and quiet.

We’re moving to rural north Arkansas in March, where we have a home on 6 acres of partially wooded hills. Lots of natural smells and as a beagle, Belle has to investigate each and every scent. As soon as we bought the house, we installed a secure fence in the back yard where both dogs can run, lay around, and roll in the grass whenever they want. Of course, they sleep inside and are very well cared for and loved.

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