Bentley (formerly Elmo)
Our “Bentley” (husband calls him “Bennie”) is doing very well and you were right when you predicted he would be a wonderful pet. He is and we’re devoted to him. In fact, he’s the best of all the beagles we’ve adopted in the past.

Here is a recent picture of him in one of his favorite spots–his bed! He loves to go for long walks, sits in the sun on our boat dock and chases our resident rabbit who comes into our yard from time to time. He loves boat rides and wears his very own bright orange life jacket! Recently, he developed low thyroid–lost his hair, etc., before the diagnosis and medication. Now, his tail and coat are shining and thick again. He looks so healthy and is so happy.

We have 4 baby grandchildren now–twin boys and two little girls. Bentley is wonderful with all of them. The boys lie down on top of him and he licks them–so calmly and sweetly. The little girls love him too. I wish I lived closer so that I could help you all with those beagles. They are truly wonderful pets.