We adopted Billy on March 28, 2009 (the day before his 4th birthday!), and this sweet little boy has been a joy to our family ever since. He has such a great personality, loves to play and go for walks, but calms down so nicely and rests quietly while our family homeschools. He’s quiet for a beagle, only barking when we leave or come home, or if our son is outside playing with friends and Billy really wants to be out with him. He hasn’t met a stranger he doesn’t like, and he’s great with other dogs. He’s been wonderfully socialized. And he smiles and wags a lot, loves us to pieces and likes to cuddle. We’re going to begin obedience training in two weeks to fine tune some commands, but we absolutely could not ask for a more loveable dog. He is a blessing in our lives, especially after the loss of our precious 12-year-old beagle, Tipper.

This comes with many thanks to HBHR. We appreciate the dedication you have to rehabilitating rescue dogs, loving and caring for them and finding the best possible homes for these precious animals. We’ll keep you updated!


Joe, Dawn and Ben Allen