Bo & Mikala

Bo & Mikala

Bo & Mikala

Bo and Mikala are formerly Leroy and Mia. I just wanted to update their story.

When I adopted Bo (Leroy) from you a couple of years ago, I couldn’t believe what a great dog he was. In the past two years, he has come to amaze me and bring me the greatest joy. We call him the “perfect dog” because he really never does anything wrong. And we laugh at him. He is so lazy!! He barks laying down! Heaven forbid that he leave the couch to go and see what made the noise – he’ll just lay there and bark in case it’s warranted. And food – I have to wake him to eat and ask him if he’d mind coming to the kitchen!! If there’s no extra goody in his food – he ALWAYS looks at me with disgust and I know he’s thinking – nasty dry crap again!! We figure Bo came from money because he certainly can be a snob! Unfortunately, he was trained not to lick so there are never any Bo kisses. He is a digger and a runner, given the chance – so we put a “Bo Barrier” (cement blocks) around the fence. He would try to dig out even if you were standing right next to him! And the world’s greatest snuggler – of course, snuggling means he gets to sleep.

And Mikala (Mia) – actually Mikala Suzanne, and I call her Kala Sue. She was found on the street with one of her pups about a year ago. Person took them to my Vet (who knew I was looking for a female beagle when the right one came along), they directed her to CAPS but also called me. CAPS adopted out her pup but Kala was turned over to Houston Beagle Rescue. It was hard to track her down but I finally found her! I have learned from her behavior that she used to be beaten and it was by a male, lived outdoors, wasn’t fed very often and had to fight other dogs for what she did get, was used for hunting – still has some buckshot in her neck and ear, and she had several litters of puppies. She was also very heartworm positive. Now she never leaves my side and is right there with me when I clean house, do laundry, whatever it is – she’s my helper. And when I make the bed, she rolls around on her back (and I know she’s saying I don’t ever have to be starved or live outside again!) and she puts the covers in her mouth and pulls them. I call her a “nipper” – not only does she nip with her mouth to discipline the cats but she will also “nip” your drink if you don’t keep an eye on her. And the coolest part – if one of my cats gets out, all I have to do is tell her we need to go find the kitty and she puts her nose to the ground and finds them every time. That’s my girl!!

I can never thank you enough for my “kids” – they are the best and fill my heart with pure joy. And the one


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July 7, 2021