Bogie (formerly Foxy)
Bogie’s forever family wrote:

I just wanted to give you an update on Bogie (a.k.a. Foxy). She is so sweet and loving – her behavior is so submissive around people – makes me wonder what she’d been through, poor thing. She’s adjusting well…. I think she’d had some house training sometime in her past….she’s not had a single accident! She’s also adjusting well to her crate and sleeps all night in there now. I only got up with her once the first night and since then she’s been sleeping through the night.

We take her for walks both in the morning and again in the evenings to make sure she gets enough exercise. The first time around our loop (about 5-6 blocks I think) she really ran out of gas toward the end. But her endurance is improving and she trots at a pretty good pace around the whole loop now.

I’ll take her to visit the vet this week to get her staples out and get a general check-up. She seems to be doing great! I’ve attached a picture of her with my son. Thanks for all you did for her – she will have a good home in our family!