Bojangles was a stray who was very thin and heartworm positive. It only took him a couple of weeks to put on some weight and regain his health. This sweet boy was adopted by a family with a four-year-old son.

His adoptive “mom” had this to say about him: “He is doing great. We are truly enjoying him. My son can’t stop giving him hugs. He wanted him to sleep with him last night which isn’t possible since he has a loft bed, but he was excited to see him still there this morning. He is such a sweet dog. I am going to go get him some toys today after work since he took off with my panty hose and a sock this morning while we were trying to get ready. But he is doing great and starting to get to know us better.

Thanks so much for taking such good care of him until we found him to bring him home with us. We hope to enjoy many years ahead with him. Thank you!”