Boo has had a wonderful first day. He slept through the night without a sound, romped around the back yard innumerable times, went on two round-the-neighborhood walks to meet the neighbors, had a nice snooze on the “doggy couch” in the den (as you can see in the attached picture… note all the hair!), and ate up his dinner of kibble with surprisingly good appetite.

He and Cressie are still a bit standoffish with each other, but I haven’t seen any curled lips or bared teeth, so I think they’re going to be fine. Boo was (as you predicted) entranced with Bob the cat at first, but a few stern “NO!” commands, plus Bob’s own refusal to run or play or interact with him at all, seem to have gone a long way to curing him. We’ll keep an eye on him, of course.

Oh, and he found a squirrel in the yard early this morning and made sure it would never come back. Heh.

He’s a darling boy and we’re so glad he’s come to live with us.


Elizabeth and Jim
Cressie and Boudin (and Bob the Cat)