Brady was adopted by a man living in Panama. What a lucky doggie to get to see the world!

Brady’s new forever dad wrote: “As promised, the latest pictures of Brady.

Last night, as luck would have it, we had a storm with thunder, lightning, high winds and rain at about 2:00 am. Brady wasn’t very nervous but I could tell that he was a little concerned about the place he had been sent to. For lack of anything else, he finished the food in his plate and paced up and down the rest of the night.

Needless to say he has been sleeping all morning. First picture is Brady in the kitchen looking at food, second is Brady sitting on me.

You definitely sent me a “Water Beagle”. This hound just loves the beach and the water. Yesterday he was playing with my daughter’s Lab and he would run into the water daring the Lab to come after him. Also playing with some other friends, it was in and out of the water and sometimes deep enough to have to swim. This morning before coming back to town, he decided to stroll down to the beach and sure enough it was into the water, alone! I had to rinse him off with fresh water as he had been shampooed the day before. The kids just love him and he’s really one the most gentle dogs I’ve ever seen. They (kids) can almost do anything to him and he won’t protest. My grandsons keep trying to trade their Lab for Brady.”