Lucy (formerly Bree)
Lucy is happy in her new home with me and my husband Chris and her new “brother” Blackjack – a feisty black cat whom Lucy defends and protects as her own baby. We all live in an apartment that has lots of green space, so Lucy goes out for a lot of walks and she loves chasing cats. Yesterday she helped me rescue a bird from a group of hungry cats. Lucy kept the cats at bay while I placed the bird in a safe place. Yesterday we also went to the park – a weekly ritual. She likes little kids and little dogs, so the regular park and dog parks are great playgrounds for her.

Lucy is an important member of the family and she accompanies on long-distance trips and to weekend visits to the new beach house that my father-in-law recently bought. We registered Lucy with our local vet and she had a great checkup with the vet – she’s clean as a whistle. She also takes her heartguard medicine every month and eats healthy science diet dog food. She has a multitude of treats that we reward her with when she potties outside or keeps away from the cat’s litter box and doesn’t have any accidents inside. We do kennel Lucy when we’re out working during the week, but on the days that we know we’ll be away for a longer period of time, we let her roam free but keep her away from the litter box and hide the trashcan in the closet.

Lucy found a boyfriend the first week she was home – a male beagle named Buckle’s whom she plays with. On her routine walks she tries to stray toward Buckle’s home and when she gets to his door they both start howling at each other and Buckles’ owners let him outside to play with Lucy. So as you can see Lucy is happy in her new home. I promise to keep you updated with photos and “news flashes.”
Ariana Montelongo de Valdivia