Hallie (previously Brownie)
Brownie is doing wonderfully. We have renamed her Hallie and she seems to like the name and is starting to respond to it. She has started to play (we bought her some new toys and a stand for her food/water bowls) and she seems to really enjoy exploring the large yard. We still go out with her each time but she hasn’t shown any interest in the gates. She is just a sweet little lady, no trouble at all. We are so glad to have her, she is really helping to heal my broken heart over losing my Nicky.

Right now she is laying beside me on the floor, sound asleep and snoring softly. She sleeps with me at night and seems very content.

We took her to our vet last Friday and he was so impressed with her quiet demeanor, she was just a perfect patient he said. Everyone loved her.

For the most part, Toby gets along well with her. She respects his space without being too submissive. He has gotten jealous of her a couple of times and pounced but we stopped it quickly. But that’s what he did with our other beagle.

They do seem to get along well in the car, even looking out the window together. She is a good influence on him, he is eating his food better with her watching.

Glen is so happy I/we chose her. He was like you he didn’t want to influence me but he wanted her all along. Everyone that has met he so far just adores her, as we do too, of course.

Sorry this is so long, but it takes a lot of words to let you know how much we love Brownie/Hallie. Thanks again for your great organization and the wonderful work you do in saving these little guys.