We adopted Bucky on Nov. 16, 2012, and it was “love at first sight”. He joined our other beagle Abby Nell and big brother Barney the bagel. Bucky quickly wormed his way into his canine brother’s and sister’s hearts, and I think even more quickly has established security in his new home. We love his loud beagle bugle-ing, and he is certainly a drama boy, keeps us laughing at the sounds he makes when he’s trying to get your attention. This little guy has stolen our hearts and we have him spoiled just like the other two with lots of hugs and kisses. Only problem we need three hands, because they always want to be petted at the same time. He got a new imitation mink pillow that he loves to curl up on during the day. At night he snuggles right next to his mama at the head of the bed, and when he wakes up he looks like a dachshund with all the stretching. I know his first home had neglected him leaving him outside with no shelter, because he is very scared during thunderstorms.

My husband says Bucky was such a perfect match for us. We kept the name his foster Dad, Lyle had given him, because I was very touched with the love Lyle had for this little guy. We thank Houston Beagle Rescue for all the care and love shown to our baby when he was rescued. I received a copy of all his medical issues when he was rescued and so very thankful there are good people that make up this organization and come to the rescue of these precious little ones when needed. We live in the Austin area, but as soon as I retire plan on doing more to help any way I can with HBHR.

Thanks again for matching us up with our Bucky, he certainly has found a loving forever home!

The Laughlins