Buster’s forever family wrote us: “Buster is doing really well. He has completely come out of his shell and is full of energy and antics. He’s such a good dog! He and Emma are almost friends, I think. She even came in and slept with us for a while last night and purred for the first time since Buster moved in, which is a HUGE step. Buster is so good and doesn’t chase her very much and, if he does, he stops as soon as we say, “No Buster” or as soon as Emma turns around and looks at him (which, I think, is scarier than us saying NO.) She is definitely the boss.

I’ve been coming home every day during lunch to let Buster out and
take him for a walk and he’s always SOOOO HAPPY to see me. He howls when we leave every morning and runs frantically from window to window. It breaks our hearts every morning because he looks so distraught.

He is also really good about going to bed. At first he tried to sleep with us, but now he just goes straight to his little dog bed (right next to our bed) and sleeps through the night. We have to wake him up in the morning to get him to go outside…he’s lazy!

There is also something in the back yard that gets him very excited. Last night he caught the scent of something and started howling and sniffing around like crazy. Jim has been trying to teach him to
sit since Saturday and this morning he actually pseudo-sat (he touched his bottom to the ground), so progress is being made!

I took Buster to our vet the other day and they LOVED him. He’s also a healthy doggy. He is still testing positive for heartworms, but the vet said that they should clear up soon with his treatment and that his heart and lungs sound great. He wasn’t psyched about being at the vet, but while
he was being poked and probed he looked over the vet tech’s shoulder at me and really calmed down, which made me feel good.

So things are going well! We’re so happy to have him!