Camilla (formerly Kassie)
Camilla got to fly to California to her new home!! Her forever family writes to us often:

“Camilla is doing very well at the beach. Today is day three. She romps and comes back looking for her treats. Before I take the leash off I give a chicken treat, and every time she comes back she gets a treat. It is working beautifully. She does not like going too far away from me, but when she does I blow the whistle, which she has become accustomed to. That is to let her know that is beyond the boundary.

She is a little bit overwhelmed with soooooooooo many dogs and the pecking order, so she gets small doses until she gets more comfortable, and the other dogs get to know her better. So far so good and getting better! She is now into kissing me and when I am resting she slithers to my
side. Love Ana, Camilla, and Lorenzo”

“Camilla was accepted into the pack today! She was so happy she ran for a whole hour at the beach – one tired hound! She slept all day. She threw herself on one of my couches and did not move all day. I went to the post office to get my mail, and when I came back she was in the same place sleeping and did not even know I left. Happy days for Camilla! love Ana, Camilla, Lorenzo”

“Camilla keeps me in shape. She is so smart. I think she has finally settled in. She doesn’t bother with the cat anymore, and when I pet the cat cat she just looks and doesn’t get jealous anymore. Furthermore she has moved to her bed at night, and in the morning after I take her out to the back yard for a minute, she cuddles next to me and Lorenzo until we are ready to really get up. Doing
just fine. Love Ana, Camilla, Lorenzo and Minina”