Abbie (formerly Casey)
We adopted Abbie in October 2008 and we wanted to let you know what a great addition she has been to our family. Right from the start she embraced our daily routine and she’s great about letting us know if we’re even a few minutes late feeding her or taking her for one of her walks. At home she loves playing with stuffed animals and will curl up and nap on anything that resembles a blanket, no matter where it is. She’s learned to sit, shake, and stay, although she seems forget these commands if we’re outside (we joke that when her nose is “on” her ears are “off”). We’ve also spent lots of time laughing while she runs circles through the apartment – all we have to do is ask if she wants a bath.

Abbie has also turned into quite the urban beagle; she spends lots of time on our patio watching the traffic go by on the busy street below and we go on frequent walks at Memorial Park and Hermann Park. We have even been to a few dog parks in the area, but she’s much more interested in sniffing every square inch of the park than playing with the other dogs. In addition, she’s definitely won over the hearts of our friends and family, many of whom request that we bring her with us when we visit.

Abbie has been an absolute perfect fit for our family and we have HBHR to thank for matching us up. We appreciate all that you do and look forward to adopting another beagle from you in the future.

The Grethers