Cat Cat

Cat Cat
Hello! I just wanted to write and say that I love my new forever home! My humans are very good to me and the cats that lived here before me seem to like me more and more each day! My humans walk me twice a day and I have lots of toys! My favorite toy is still the one that I brought from Victoria, but I also have a new bone that I love to chew on! I am a little worried that the cats here might eat it, so I am very protective of it when they get too close!

Also, I met another beagle in the neighborhood on one of my many walks. His name is Brewster and he also used to live with you!! What a small beagle world it is. I haven’t had any accidents at all in the house, I sleep in my crate at night and I only whined the second night I was in it. My humans moved my crate to the bedroom with them the next night and I liked that much much better! I was very quiet and happy to be so close to them.

Thanks again for fostering me! Without you I never would have found this awesome family that is now mine!


Cat Cat


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July 7, 2021