Lillie (formerly Celine)

In February 2011, Lillie came to live with us. Lillie and our other Beagle Jennie immediately played endless games of chase in the backyard, took long walks together and seemed like a good pair of beagle “sisters” to bond together. They were friendly to each other and exhibited no food aggression at meal times or when receiving a treat. However, a few days into the new arrangement, Jennie suddenly became “injured” and would whine and cry as if she was in pain. This lasted throughout the night, so the next morning I decided to go immediately to our vet to have her checked out.

Miraculously, when the leash came out she recovered instantly – even though for the past day she had been whimpering and walking slowly with her tail between her legs. The vet checked her carefully, but quickly diagnosed her problem as jealousy – whining and pouting at now having to share my attention with Lillie. After I ignored that behavior for a few days it cleared up and never returned. Jennie and Lillie are now best friends and love to play, sleep, eat, walk and chase squirrels together.

In my neighborhood my home is now known as the “beagle house”. Thank you, HBHR, for sending Lillie and Jennie my way!

– Wayne