Champ’s forever family wrote:

“Champ – aka “Champ-tastic”, “Champ Champ” and “Pumpkin”

Champ is so wonderful. He’s just so fun to have around. Champ goes practically everywhere I do…out to eat, visit friends or our routine evening stroll. We recently went to a barbeque. Everyone was impressed on how well-behaved he is. He sits close to where I am and stays put (well minus when the food is ready). He’s always first to fall asleep and in the mornings he’ll sleep later than anyone.

There’s been very little transitioning him into the house. Almost like he’s always belonged here. Everyone in the house is working to reduce his weight – currently at 45 pounds. It’s very hard not to give him a treat every time you see him, but we know it’s for his own good. Leaving in the mornings is not as hard as I thought. Maybe because coming home to him is worth it…Champ gets so excited! He’ll run up to you and do his howl/bark. To sum it up, just the perfect gentleman.