Santa’s delivery was a huge success! Chandler is a big hit in our family. He is such a sweet dog with a wonderful temperament. Our 13 year old (Grant) said it was the best Christmas he ever had because of Chandler. If I had a dollar for every time Grant cuddles and kisses him on the ears, we’d be millionaires! They are inseparable.

Chandler’s favorite spot is balancing himself on the ledge of my home office window – to see out front. He likes to hang out and guard the house from there. We have some birds that taunt him from the palm trees around the pool in the back and they egg him on when he’s keeping watch on his “front window perch”. We also have a random cat that keeps coming and sitting on our front doorstep and just watches him GO NUTS thru the glass on the front door. It’s hilarious.

He loves the boys to take him on walks around the lake… they usually run almost the whole way. There are 3 small dogs next door and he has tried digging a hole to go see them, but has not really worked on that much since the first week he was here. He is not outside much to do that, either… We only leave him outside when we’re home and he really does not seem to want to come in.

Chandler thinks the pool is a HUGE water bowl! We have one step into the pool that is called a ‘beach entry’. When the weather is warm, he will walk in as far as he can on that beach entry before he “falls” into the pool…drinking water all the way. I can’t seem to get him to drink the water in his water bowl, he likes the pool water! He goes in all the way to his belly sometimes.

We appreciate what everyone at your organization is doing for these dogs. It’s a very special and selfless thing. We appreciate all of the sacrifices you guys have made for years (and continue to make!) in order to make our adoption of Chandler possible. We just feel that we got the best of both worlds… a dog that exceeded our expectations and wants in a dog with an outline and understanding of his specific personality and traits, etc.. What else could someone who is looking for a dog/companion want!?

Thanks again for all the ways you went the extra mile for us, we didn’t take it for granted.

Mimi Tanner