We have a beagle named Tex who is four and needed a friend. We found Cheyenne on HBHR and had to meet her… Tex has other doggie friends but when he saw Cheyenne he was very excited! She was the first beagle he had ever met and she was a match! They made friends and played while Cheyenne made herself at home. We adopted her shortly after their meeting and Cheyenne fits in like she has always been in our family!

Cheyenne and Tex love to run around the living room making laps chasing after their toys. They like to run though the yard and through the landscaping…Cheyenne and Tex like to go to the park, on “CLAW” (that’s walk backwards), for rides in the car, eating out of each others’ bowls (food must be better that way), and napping.

If you’re lucky, Cheyenne and Tex won’t take up your whole bed, just most of it!

Cheyenne is a loving and sweet dog who is adjusting well to our family. Tex loves her too…

(Cheyenne is in the red collar)

Cheyenne’s Forever Mommy and Daddy…and brother
Katie and Ryan Corley…and Tex