Chloe has adjusted, (took about a month) and is doing very well. I am very proud of her accomplishments. She is not aggressive towards Kipper, and they play non-stop! She loves her walks and has learned how to “heel” and “stop”. Her receptiveness to commands such as “sit,” “lay down,” and “stay” have improved immensely. She even eats calmly next to Kipper and does not attempt to take his food. She shares toys, and allows Kipper to play keep away from time to time.

Chloe loves her walks, and despite it being extremely hot, we coordinate a special walks on the trails of San Gabriel park in Georgetown early Saturday mornings! She has surpassed Kipper in swimming in the creek and loves to motor boat in circles in the water. She is on the wellness plan at the Banfield clinic, and has finally finished all her boosters last week. The vet is in love with Chloe and marked her in “excellent health” on the final report. He coat has improved greatly since March, and lost a little weight, she is at a healthy 22-23LBs.

She has also demonstrated being a quick and intelligent hunter as well! She has captured and killed, (ugh) two mice in the backyard. There is a little bunny that hops in and out from time to time, to drive her nuts. I really hope Mr. Cottontail doesn’t visit while she is back there 🙁

Hope both of you are doing well and finding good homes for all the little beagles! I wish I could have at least one more, but Tye says we are at our limit for now 🙁

-Danielle & Tye Wilhelm