We adopted Colin in June, 2013. We had recently lost our previous beagle to kidney disease way too soon. We missed all the beagle personality and love he had brought to our home, so we decided to adopt another beagle and drove all the way from DFW to Houston to adopt Colin! It took him a few weeks to feel safe and secure with us (he’d been through a couple homes and the shelter), but now he knows he is at “home.” He loves to go for rides in the car and on his daily walks. Colin listens well for a beagle; he comes when called. The one beagle thing he doesn’t do that I can’t believe is he could care less about squirrels, which is too bad b/c I’d love him to chase them away from my bird feeders. Colin gets so excited when we come home, he jumps in circles. It’s very endearing! Rescue dogs are ALWAYS the best!

Thank you for trusting us with one of your babies.

Susan and Tim