(or Cooper Dooper, Cooper-de-Dooper, and finally just “The Doop” as his foster family referred to him)

A Beagle mom and a few of her 8-week old pups (possibly lab mix?) were dropped off at a shelter – Mr. Cooper was one of them. Cooper had many people wanting to meet him, but finally a nice couple in Galveston adopted him.

His new forever family had this to say: “Cooper is doing great. We’ve had a lot of fun with him and my brother and our friends think he’s adorable. He’s been doing well with the potty training, but still finds it necessary to do a sneak attack out of our sight.

Things here are going good. He is doing really well with his tricks. We’ve been building on the sit command, and now he will stay for quite a while, shake, lay down, and we’re starting roll over. When we try to give him a treat, he goes through his whole bag of tricks before we say anything…it’s pretty entertaining.”