Corky’s family said: “Corky is doing great! I can’t imagine him not being a part of our family. He keeps us amused all the time. Especially when he finds the June bugs that are out now. He plays with them until….well, the end and then rolls all over them!

He had his first exposure to a rabbit while we were walking the other night. I thought he was going to drag me all over the place trying to get to it.

I bought him a new collar the other day, one that’s a little longer – so that should tell you that he’s put a little weight on. He’s weighing about 25-26 lbs which is a good weight for him.

When my son and I were swimming the other day (above ground pool), Corky was standing up against the outside of the wall of the pool trying to look in.

This is how much this family loves him, when my sister and brother in law got back from their vacation to Washington DC this past weekend, they even brought Corky a souvenier, a bag of gourmet doggie cookies!