Toots (formery Cutten)
It has taken us a week to begin to understand her personality (and to watch it start to blossom) in order to give her a name. The moment is here. Without further ado, meet Toots.

Like Banjo, Toots is a rescued dog, formerly named “Cutten”. She seems to have had a hard life before the beagle folks found her. Though she is about Banjo’s age, she is only about half his size. She seemed very anxious about food for the first few days but that’s decreasing now (though she still eats like a lumberjack).

We were convinced at first that she was mute. She didn’t make a peep for about four days. But earlier today she was at the fence in the back yard, giving the neighbor’s dogs the devil (as Banjo loves to do). She’s not as good a dirt kicker as he is but that may come along yet. Banjo and Toots seem to have a lot in common and they are starting to enjoy each other very much. Here she joins Banjo in keeping watch for dratted squirrels.
Thanks to all who took care of her and who helped bring her to us. We’re going to be fine now.