We want to thank you for taking care of Daisy after her injury. It was a long recovery, but we are happy to report that it was a full one. Her favorite activities (after eating and sleeping) are to go on her daily walks and to play chase with us in the backyard, and of course, she always wins. Judging by her incredible speed and agility, you would never guess that at one point in time, she couldn’t even put weight on her back leg. She has also made a full recovery from her anal gland struggles. We have been issue-free since the surgery, and we have noticed a significant improvement in her confidence and happiness. She is certainly a trooper, and I think we can all learn something from her.

We have a great connection with Daisy and never would have guessed that she would bring us as much joy and happiness as she has. She entertains us constantly with her silly antics, and she is a companion around the clock. She has changed our lives for the better, in a way that we never expected.

Thank you for saving Daisy’s life and bringing her into ours!

Julie and Boris